A beautiful smile depends on the condition of the teeth

A beautiful smile depends on the condition of the teeth

Every girl and woman dreams of a snow-white smile that would make an indelible impression on others. The key to a snow-white smile is the everyday care of your teeth, because the beauty of a smile depends on their condition.

Where does caries come from?

In the oral cavity of a person, bacteria live permanently, and carbohydrates enter the food. The most dangerous is sugar. A person voluntarily consumes this product, not assuming what great harm it does to itself. On the enamel of the teeth, natural cracks form. In cracks, bacteria actively convert glucose to organic acids, which eventually spoil the teeth. From a small point on the surface of the teeth, the problem gradually spreads to the inside.

How to deal with caries?

Correct and regular care of the oral cavity is necessary to prevent cavities. It is important to clean teeth at least twice a day. During the day, rinse your mouth with water. You can also chew a chewing gum without sugar, it helps to neutralize the acid and release the mouth from particles of food residues.

The most favorite habitat for harmful bacteria is the interdental spaces. To neutralize these bacteria is a toothbrush with a bristle, which has a different stiffness and length. With such a brush, it is easy to clean the gaps between the teeth and the parts of the gum adjacent to them. Most brushes on the back have a special surface with ribs, which is recommended to clean the tongue.

To care for the interdental spaces, the dental floss also serves. This device should be used in the evening after cleansing the teeth.

When a suspicious speck appears, which does not disappear with regular care – immediately visit a dentist. Otherwise, in neglected cases, you can lose a tooth and then you will have to cost an expensive implant, for more details on this, see https://createsmile.ru/implanty-zubov/.

Experts advise to include in the diet of cheese and green tea. Solid cheeses increase the calcium content in tooth enamel and strengthen them. Green tea includes substances that affect destructively the enemies of healthy teeth.

How do I brush my teeth?

Brushing your teeth is recommended from three minutes or more. This time is enough to remove the plaque.

The correct position of the brush. For efficiency, it is held at an angle of 45 degrees with respect to the teeth.

Cleansing must begin with the upper jaw. It is necessary to move from the gum to the cutting surface of the teeth, 10 movements for every 2 teeth. The outer part of the dental arch is cleared first, then the inner part. Use this method to brush your teeth on the lower jaw.

Move slowly from cheek to center, cleaning the surface of the tooth, intended for chewing.

To clean the teeth from the front, the brush should be held at an angle of 90 degrees with respect to the dentition.

Massage the gums around in a circle with closed teeth.

In the end, you need to clean the language.

Using electric brushes, it is necessary to observe safety precautions. Otherwise, the damage to the tooth or gums is high.

It is important not to forget about preventive examinations at the dentist 2 times a year for prevention, even if nothing bothers you. Observing these simple rules you will always have a beautiful smile and healthy teeth!

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