8 tips to help you feel better with a sedentary lifestyle

8 tips to help you feel better with a sedentary lifestyle

Currently, people spend more and more time in a sitting position. In the morning a person has to get to work in public transport or by car, the office solves a wide variety of issues, negotiations are being conducted, telephone calls are being made, as well as fax, computer, and Skype communication. Further snacks, then a trip home from work, evening dinner, watching TV, computer and sofa. And all these actions involve minimal physical activity.

This way of life presupposes certain consequences. We are talking about diseases of the spine, nerve clamping, neuromuscular disorders of the fingers, joints. In addition, vision is impaired, hemorrhoids arise, headaches appear, and the appearance of excess weight is a natural process. As a result, the neck grows numb, there is a noise in your ears.

If this way of life can not be changed, then the following tips are recommended:

1. Employment by fitness. It is recommended to enroll in dances, physical education, yoga, go to the pool. It’s good to go to places where a spouse or girlfriend will go. Together, it is always easier to start and not be lazy. You can also advise employees to attend classes. It will be fun.

2. Do special exercises in the workplace and at home. There is a special set of exercises, for people with a sedentary lifestyle, which significantly helps to improve their well-being. Such complexes in various variants without special efforts can be found on the Internet. They can be performed even while watching TV.

3. Useful running. You should forget about the elevator, car, buses. It is necessary to use all the possibilities to move more.

4. Correctly distribute the work in everyday life. All domestic work, as a rule, is divided unevenly between spouses. When a spouse goes to a store, a pharmacy or a walk with children or animals, the woman is engaged in cooking, washing dishes, washing. The husband walks, and the wife tramples on one place. It is recommended to use any minute for walking, walking.

5. Dancing. You can pick up your favorite music and start dancing at home. So calories burned and the mood will rise.

6. The bed should be chosen convenient, so that there are no excess troughs.

7. If a person has a sedentary job, the chair should be as comfortable as possible. It should look like a car seat.

8. Massage. With sedentary work, the backbone and back are mostly affected. Therefore, for the prevention of osteochondrosis, systematic massages are recommended every six months.

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