8 main steps on the way to a slim figure

8 main steps on the way to a slim figure

The desire to look attractive is very natural, always pleasant, when you are in shape, your body is slim and beautiful. The human body is a complex mechanism that functions without rest, it consumes calories, someone quickly, someone not very. This is such a capricious our metabolism. Make 8 steps to accelerate it and accordingly to your new slim figure.

Step # 1 – eat healthy

The right diet is the most important step. Start your day with the right and hearty breakfast. This meal should contain complex carbohydrates and proteins. An example of such a breakfast, can serve as a traditional English dish – oatmeal. It will give a variety of taste fruits and sour-milk drinks, with which you can pour it or just drink it. Remember that breakfast is the basis of your daily diet.

Step # 2 – drink, drink and drink again

A man is a third of water. That is why, water is so useful for our beauty and metabolism. With its help, we accelerate it. Dietitians all over the world recommend drinking at least 2 liters of water a day, but you do not need to rape yourself and drink through I do not want. With water, toxins are eliminated from the body. Each cup of green tea comes in these 2 liters of water.

Step # 3 – Fractional Power

In fractional nutrition, there are two biggest arguments in his favor. Eating small portions, you reduce the volume of your stomach, and accordingly become slimmer. And second, the support of blood sugar, with the help of fractional nutrition, has a positive effect on metabolism, and jumping in the level of sugar, make it slow down. Sugar in the blood is digested for three hours, the food needs to be adjusted at a given time.

Step # 4 – total refusal of harmful food

Eating in fast foods, we save a lot of time, which is so necessary if we live in the rhythm of a modern city. Only this economy has a very illusory character, ruined metabolism and, accordingly, your health. To avoid this, eat fruits and vegetables, cereals, etc.

Step # 5 – our vitamins are all

Use complexes of vitamins and microelements. Choose complexes rich in iron, tk. Its content in the female body is responsible for the fruitful functioning of metabolic processes.

Step # 6 – daily activity

Support your muscles in due form, with the help of sports, will not allow, slow down metabolism. The more mature we become, the more we need it. Give at least 10 minutes a day to warm-up in 5 – 10 exercises, running, dancing, etc., and you will be surprised at the result.

Step # 7 – dream

For our body, a lot of stress causes a lack of sleep. Try to observe the eight-hour sleep regime, this will allow your metabolism to be at the proper level. A well-rested organism will answer you with gratitude.

Step number 8 – no stress!

Stress not only spoils our lives outside, but within us. When stress develops the hormone cortisol, which beats our metabolism without pity. At this time, our body begins to absorb everything for future use, rewarding us with excess weight and unnecessary problems.

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