8 facts about the impact of alcohol on women

8 facts about the impact of alcohol on women

The effect of alcohol on the woman’s body has many different aspects. According to doctors, alcohol can provoke breast cancer, but at the same time it prevents the onset of diabetes mellitus. How to find a balance between benefit and harm? We bring to your attention several reliable facts about women and alcohol.

1. 1/5 of the female population abuse alcohol. If about twenty years ago, women consumed an average of three glasses of wine a week, today it has increased to eight and every year it continues to grow.

2. The woman’s brain is prone to alcohol amnesia. Women are more likely than men to be in a situation when, in the morning, after an “alcoholic” evening, everything that happens is erased from memory. This fact is directly related to the impact of alcoholic drinks on the central nervous system, which provokes the appearance of insomnia, increased nervousness and irritability. In some cases, for the most part, in women, than in men, there was a decrease in the volume of the brain, which is not the best way to affect memory, the ability to accurately perceive and process information.

3. The effect of alcohol on the female psycho-emotional background is stronger than on the male, hence, intoxication occurs more quickly. As if women did not want to refute this statement, the fact remains a fact. Even if the representatives of both sexes have the same size and weight, the latter will still get drunk sooner. It does not depend on hormonal parameters, as many people think, the fact is that the female body has less water than the male, and therefore there are fewer fluids to reduce the concentration of alcohol in the blood. Not the least role is played by the liver, the enzyme that breaks down the alcohol, in the female body is lower than in the male, so the first it lingers longer and has an effect much stronger than the latter.

4. Alcohol provokes the appearance of extra pounds. In alcoholic beverages contain, so-called “empty” calories and carbohydrates, which are instantly absorbed by the sides and waist. Even the rare use of alcohol puts your figure at risk. The rancid appetite, after a glass, will eclipse the brain and contribute to overeating, and given the fact that far from the healthiest food is used at the festive table, the situation is aggravated at times.

5. Alcohol and cancer. With regard to breast cancer, there is no safe amount of alcohol. Scientists from Scotland, based on many years of experience, came to the conclusion that the cause of a breast tumor in women, in every fifth case, is alcohol. One serving of drink a day increases the risk of the disease by 10%. A moderate amount of consumption reduces it slightly, but it does not go away completely.

6. The effect of alcohol on the heart. The officially recorded fact is that the French women have the lowest rate of cardiovascular disease, despite the excessive amount of fatty foods in the diet. This is due to the regular use of good wine. It does not matter whether the variety or color, the enzymes contained in it have a positive effect. With a balanced use of wine, one glass a day or every other day, you not only protect yourself from heart and vascular disease, but also reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes mellitus. Wine has the property of reducing blood sugar.

7. Cleaning the teeth after drinking alcohol. Unlike men, women do their own harm to their teeth with certain habits. One of them is brushing teeth after drinking. The fact is that the acid contained in alcohol-containing beverages softens the tooth enamel for a while, and the effect of the brush only aggravates the situation. Therefore, it is best to wait about 30 minutes and only then to carry out hygiene procedures.

8. Can the effect of alcohol on women be good? It’s not a secret for anyone, alcohol abuse negatively affects health. Alcohol is directly associated with a large number of serious diseases, the zone of damage is everything from the liver to cancerous tumors. But experts say the opposite, with moderate consumption of alcohol, the body receives and benefits from alcohol. For example, it helps increase HDL cholesterol, which is necessary to maintain health, while reducing the level of harmful cholesterol, thereby protecting the body from heart disease and significantly reducing the risk of stroke.

Fortunately for some, and unfortunately for others, the impact of alcohol on both women and men is mostly negative. To use it or not, it’s up to you.

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