8 causes of sleep disorders

8 causes of sleep disorders

No person can not do without sleep. Statistics say that almost half of all adults, and this is 45%, suffers from various sleep disorders, and between 11% and 25% require medical care. The reasons for bad sleep are more than a hundred, but first we need to find out what is really needed for a dream.

Any person gets tired for the whole day. And, of course, all organs are tired without exception. For a normal, full recovery, the body needs at least 7-8 hours of good, good sleep. This is the minimum, scientifically proven, threshold of sleep. Although the duration of sleep is individual for each person, some people have 3-4 hours, another and 10 few. What happens when a person sleeps?

In its first minutes, nerve cells and brain cells begin to regenerate. Only 20-30 minutes of sleep are enough to wake up with a clear and fresh head. The mental capacity of the organism is restored. For the muscles of this time is not enough, they are restored much longer. At least 2-3 hours. So why should you sleep at least seven hours after all, if you are fresh and cheerful after three hours? Because we still need to restore the body’s immune system. In addition, human emotions are stabilized and psychological protection is provided. A person who has slept well, feels great. For example, Sophia Loren argues that it is a healthy and strong sleep recipe for its unfading beauty.

Now about the main causes of sleep disorders:

1) Bad habits

Alcohol, coffee and cigarettes are the most common pathogens of the nervous system and enemies of normal sleep.

2) Improper nutrition

Healthy eating is the key to a healthy sleep. We need to eat as diverse as possible, more salads, vegetables, fruits, fish, seafood and do not abuse fatty and flour foods.

3) External factors

Sleep, as you know, loves silence. And also warmth, darkness, comfortable bed and fresh air. To sleep was comfortable, buy orthopedic mattresses from Zhodino.

4) Little rest

A person constantly needs rest, and therefore one must force oneself to forget about work, about domestic fuss and about any problems.

5) Stress

Nerve stress very much excites the human brain. In such situations, he behaves like a “hung” computer.

6) The explosion of emotions

It’s good when it’s a positive explosion. The person falls asleep easily and in a good mood in such situations. When a lot of negativity, you just need to calm down and relax. Deep breathing and exhalation help a lot.

7) Nightmares

From time to time, they appear in almost every person. In such cases, it is recommended to simply treat them with tranquility, if it does not help – there is already need to consult a doctor.

8) Change of time zones

A person in such cases simply strayed from the normal rhythm of the day. Usually, the recovery takes two to three days.

That’s why a high-spirited person is a healthy person. So, pleasant dreams and always be fresh, cheerful and cheerful.

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