7 Tips for Attracting Money to Your Home

7 Tips for Attracting Money to Your Home

Today on the Internet you can find a lot of articles with a similar title, where the author encourages readers to do absurd things, strange rituals and many other inefficient things. In this article, you will not read about the horseshoe “for good luck” or throwing red lingerie on the chandelier – we all perfectly understand that these pseudo-magical methods will not help attract finance. Therefore, consider simple practical advice that will help to acquire financial stability.

1. Work on what you love.

Unloved work is the first reason for the lack of finance. You can not give as much as possible to what you dislike, what you do not like to do. Even if you can not make up your mind about dismissal, start looking for suitable options as additional earnings.

2. Make your income exceed expenditure.

The psychology of poverty is that a person constantly tries to squander everything to a penny, and live from salary to salary. Start consciously about your finances, analyze real needs and exclude what is not necessary. Each month limit yourself to something that is not vital to you, and save money saved.

3. Get rid of the loans.

Of course, sometimes people have situations where it’s impossible to do without a loan. Sudden health problems, some disasters in life – all this is not excluded, but more often the reason for lending money are imposed needs. 100500 times think – do you need a super fashionable new smartphone or tablet before you apply for a loan with overpayment of 100%. Start to get rid of credits gradually, and do not take new ones.

4. Plan your expenses.

All that can be planned – you need to plan. In case of unforeseen circumstances, postpone each earnings a small amount. Not on a “rainy day”, but in case of life surprises. It is better to prepare your subconscious mind not for catastrophes of life, but for surprises, such as the sudden arrival of an old friend, the wedding of a younger brother.

5. Get rid of unnecessary expenses.

Having learned to correctly analyze your expenses, you will be able to notice unnecessary expenses, which you can refuse. For example, do you use all the services that you pay for? Many residents of multi-storey houses pay for the service “cleaning the porch”, and then monthly they fold and look for a person who would have performed it. Every morning you drink coffee in the office machine? Brew yourself in a thermos and take your favorite drink to work. Do you buy a ticket for the subway, but more often you get on the minibuses? Pay for mobile Internet monthly, and at home and in the office there is Wi-Fi?

6. Avoid impulsive spending.

Especially women have an extraordinary ability under the influence of emotions to buy themselves unnecessary things, or needed, but not profitable. It is emotions that can cause a person to exceed his financial capabilities. If you are planning a purchase, wait with the decision to purchase a few days, and then you will realize – this is a whim, or indeed a necessity.

7. Learn to save on small things.

Wrong type of saving – you buy cheap and substandard things. The right type of savings – you buy expensive quality items, and save on minor trivia. Daily saved small amounts tend to grow to impressive proportions.

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