7 stupid things people do to lose weight

7 stupid things people do to lose weight

Do you want to stay in shape, look taut and attractive, but not exhausting the body with unhealthy diets that guarantee weight loss? Most of you will say “yes”, but before you are going to do something stupid in an attempt to lose weight, be sure to know about the potential health hazards associated with it.

We all know examples of how celebrities in the pursuit of losing weight are turning to very strange eating regimes. But the air diet surpassed all others. One of the stars suggested that losing weight put food in your mouth, do not not eat it. In short, you just pretend to eat! What could be more strange than that?

We all want to lose weight, and we all have our own reasons for this. Some want to lose a few extra pounds to return to the form after the birth of the child, others just want to look as gorgeous as the movie actress. It can be a doctor’s recommendation if you lose weight due to health problems. If only you could lose your weight, like a snake dropping its skin!

Losing weight is a long process that requires willpower, patience and discipline, and there are no other options. And still, many of us participate in incredible, extreme, and silly events and weight loss programs that only destroy our body and force us to spend our precious energy on achieving unattainable results.

Below are some of the most stupid things that people do to lose weight.


We all want a miracle overnight. Fasting is one of such miracles that will allow you to lose weight in the shortest possible time. But if you are far-sighted and want to have a clear picture of what this voluntary abstinence will lead you in the long run, you sadly realize that nowhere! By depriving yourself of food, you will receive immediate results, but you must be well acquainted with the consequences.

The fact is that when you are starving, your body panics and tries to hold back fat, because it knows that it is not fed enough. Now tell me, how long will you be able to starve? The time will come when you want to eat like an ordinary person, and then what? Your body, remembering the hunger experienced, will keep all the calories that you feed it, fearing that he will again have to starve. As a result, all the weight that you managed to lose will double almost in the blink of an eye.

Pills for weight loss

Drugs for weight loss are another stupid thing that we rely on as a real way to lose weight. All that is required of you is to put the pill in your mouth and watch the process of losing weight. People who are desperate to lose weight easily fall prey to the extravagant promises of the manufacturers of these pills and use them, without thinking what exactly is in their composition and how they actually act.

While the excess weight preparations will stimulate your metabolism, maintain a sense of satiety in you, prevent the absorption of fat and carbohydrates from the foods you eat, they will also be responsible for the appearance of a huge number of harmful side effects – for example, sleep disorders, rapid pulse, damage to the internal Organs, high blood pressure, diarrhea, etc. And if you take these drugs without consulting a doctor, you can stop at it too late.


Talk to any supporter of cleansing the bowels and he will convince you that it is useful for losing weight. During cleaning, you can lose about 6 kilos of weight, but this is not your actual weight, from which you eventually got rid of, but the weight of the contents of your intestines. In fact, your body is smart enough to get rid of the garbage yourself, you do not need to clean it by interfering with its internal functioning.

Doing this once in awhile can be beneficial to your body, but doing similar procedures for the sole purpose of losing weight is very silly.


What people do not understand when switching to such diets is that they not only feed their bodies with just one or two nutrients, but also deprive them of other important elements. So if you want your body to be able to feed your muscles, you will not risk, because in the case of mono-diets, getting enough protein from the food that you eat is simply unrealistic.


It’s not just about inducing vomiting or chewing food and spitting it out without swallowing, but also about using laxatives. This is the most cruel methods of losing weight! Our stomach emits its own acid, which it needs to prepare food for digestion and absorption. This acid, being very strong, should not leave the limits of the stomach.

But when you try to extract food from the stomach with vomiting, you also extract an acid that adversely affects the esophagus, tooth enamel and mouth. It can also cause electrolyte imbalance (due to the fact that your body loses fluid), which can badly affect the kidneys.

Heavy workouts

Although there is no doubt about the health benefits of regular exercise, exercise, however, should not be considered as the only way to lose weight. Heavy workouts, of course, will not make your extra pounds disappear without a trace, but to serious fatigue, electrolyte imbalance (because you will sweat a lot), dehydration, as well as dangerous injuries may well lead.

Doing sports every day is undoubtedly useful, but it should be done reasonably, safely, and most importantly, in moderation and without compromising health.


On the highest pedestal of stupidity is the belief that smoking is an effective way to lose weight. Despite the fact that nicotine is believed to reduce the desire for food, which can help to lose weight, you can not behave so stupid as to ignore the innumerable health hazards that go hand in hand with its consumption. So the next time you see a slender smoker and start jealous of him, just remind yourself that he / she loses not only weight, but also his life.

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