7 reasons to sleep enough at night

7 reasons to sleep enough at night

Many women, especially in their youth, completely underestimate the benefits of a quality night’s sleep. As we know, it starts at 10 pm: it is at this time that substances are produced in the body that promote longevity, beauty and health.

So what happens to your appearance, if you watch TV shows until one in the morning – is your secret bad habit?

1. Circles under the eyes.

Blood vessels dilate, leading to characteristic darkening under the eyes. Contrary to advertising, no cream can cope with this scourge. Exit one is a good dream.

2. Dimple skin.

The production of collagen decreases, and the skin acquires an earthy hue. This is one of the first indicators indicating a lack of quality rest.

3. Risk of diseases

The immune system weakens, and in an organism old and old illnesses can become more active.

4. Rapid aging.

The skin loses the ability to self-repair, and the aging processes are accelerated.

5. Acne and wrinkles

In the absence of normal sleep, the body experiences stress, and begins to produce excess hormone cortisol. It promotes dehydration of the skin, which leads to wrinkles, and can be an additional factor that provokes eruptions on the face.

6. Insomnia

Yes! It is the lack of a normal sleep that triggers a vicious cycle: there is no sleep – the body experiences stress – cortisol is produced – which prevents normal sleep and provokes insomnia.

7. Weight gain

That same cortisol beats on all systems of the body. But it is especially distressing that he also increases his appetite! Which inevitably leads to extra pounds.

These seven reasons should scare enough any girl who follows her health. But it’s not so easy to start on time on a regular basis. The fact is that late stowage is a really bad habit.

And as in the fight against any bad habit, you need to implement a whole range of measures.


It is very important to pay attention to what you eat before going to bed. It is necessary to exclude foods that contain sugar and caffeine. These components have a negative effect on health in general, and especially on the nervous system, overexciting it at a completely inopportune time – before bed.


Drink plenty throughout the day, but reduce the amount of water you drink before going to bed, in order to avoid overloading the genitourinary system and as a result – swelling in the morning.

Remove gadgets

One hour before bedtime, it is advisable to turn off the TV, set aside telephones and tablets, and devote this time to something pleasant: a book, a conversation with the husband, prayer and meditation. Bright screens interfere with the production of the sleep hormone and it will be more difficult to fall asleep.

The atmosphere in the bedroom

It is necessary to observe two rules: the bedroom should be dark and cool. This contributes to the proper functioning of the body, helps all systems to recover optimally, and has a beneficial effect on the quality of sleep.

Natural fabrics

They absorb better and allow the skin to breathe. However, remember: you must wash bed linens at least once every two weeks. Use maximum ecological cleaners and your skin will thank you.

As you have already learned, a good sleep is the first way to maintain beauty, youth and health. The best part is that it is free. Take advantage of this!

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