7 causes of irregular menstruation

7 causes of irregular menstruation

In many women, menstruation occurs regularly every 28 days. When the time passes, they begin to worry and wonder what might be causing this.

The causes of menstruation

1. Stopping the use of contraceptive drugs

If for a few months they took pills and suddenly stopped in that case it’s perfectly normal that the endocrine system should get used to the new situation. When using tablets, the ovaries should not produce hormones, so it takes several weeks to get back to their normal work. If menstruation does not appear two months after the withdrawal of pills, it is worth going to the doctor.

2. Chronic stress

Nervous situations at work, problems in personal life lead to the fact that the body raises the level of prolactin, a hormone responsible for suppressing ovulation. Its increased number may be the reason for the irregular cycle and even for a while it can suspend it altogether. Try to remove tension, exercise and allow yourself a little pleasure after work – this should help.

3. Diet

It is harmful to use too rigid diet for weight loss as a result of the body lacks valuable nutrients. When this situation lasts a long time, the pituitary gland and the ovaries stop producing sex hormones. In addition, if you deplete yourself with intense and heavy exercises in the gym, do not be surprised that there will be problems with menstruation. To prevent this, remember that only a healthy diet makes sense. Thanks to her, you will also lose weight slowly, but effectively and do not worsen your health.

4. Climate change

Holidays abroad, climate change, day regimen and diet can affect the production of hormones. Do not be nervous if menstruation does not appear, despite the period. When you return after a long and tedious trip, wait until the body comes to and get used to the new conditions. If still menstruation does not appear, then visit a doctor.

5. Menopause time

When a woman’s life is approaching menopause, there may be various hormonal disorders. Ovaries do not work as intensively as before, so menstrual cycles become irregular until they finally disappear.

6. Thyroid problems

Menstruation can be irregular due to a malfunctioning thyroid gland. Hyperfunction or hypofunction of the thyroid gland has many women. To regulate menstruation, they must first restore the functioning of the thyroid gland.

7. Pregnancy

If a woman does not use any protection, pregnancy should not surprise. For certainty, it is worthwhile to perform a pregnancy test, which you can easily buy at any pharmacy, and then perform it at home. If the results of the test are positive, consult a doctor who will give a referral to a blood test. This study will provide one hundred percent confidence that this is a pregnancy.

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