7 basic rules of losing weight

7 basic rules of losing weight

In modern society it is fashionable to lead a healthy lifestyle and have a beautiful figure. Someone wants to lose weight “by the summer”, “by the new year”, “by the birthday”, and someone does not limit himself to a time frame. To date, there are hundreds of diets: rice, buckwheat, fruit, vegetable, watermelon, berry, etc. But the majority of “fast” diets harm health, since fasting and limited diet affects the body not in the best possible way. First they help to lose weight, but then the kilograms return in larger quantities. There are basic rules in which there are no strict limitations and requirements.

Good motivation

If a person does not personally want to change his figure, no diet and exercise will not help him. Basically, people who are dissatisfied with their figure, give in to stereotypes and only try to lose weight. It is not right. Personal opinion, the desire to change for the better – this is the guarantee of correct weight loss.

Healthy sleep

The body needs rest after each action. Strong, healthy sleep will help in a difficult way to a beautiful figure. During sleep, the basic processes of vital activity slow down, whereas the protein responsible for muscle growth begins to be actively absorbed. A sleepy person is always in good shape and does not have the desire to “load” with food. Just do not need to sleep very much, enough 7-9 hours of good sleep.

Positive mood

Losing weight should bring joy, not emotional stress. It is important to remember this. “The hormone of joy” endorphin accelerates the process of assimilation of foods. A good mood promotes activity and, therefore, burning calories. Whether it’s a workout in the gym or just a walk in the park – all this should be fun. Violent actions on oneself in physical and emotional terms are not at all helpers in losing weight.

Proper nutrition

Of course, you can not lose weight without restoring your diet. There are “harmful” and “useful” products. Most people understand this, but can not deny themselves something “tasty”. If a person decided to improve his appearance, first of all you need to start from the inside. Fruits and vegetables, cereals, lean meat and seafood are the main helpers of slimming.

Diary of nutrition

A person does not notice how much food he consumes per day. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and multiple snacks between them. In order not to escape from the task at hand, it is necessary to start a diary and record everything that is eaten. A clear list of products helps to remove unnecessary and add useful. It is also advised to calculate the personal ratio of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and the number of calories. Accurate adherence to these values ​​will significantly accelerate weight loss.

Small tableware

It is a well-known fact – you can not eat a lot of small dishes. In losing weight, it works especially. Another rule is to eat small portions, but often. A small plate, a spoon and a cup will help in this matter.

Sport exercises

Good mood, nutrition and sleep are best combined with physical exercises. It can be classes in the gym, yoga, dancing, swimming, horse riding and so on. There is no need to practice until the last sweat. It must be remembered that a person can not lose weight in one place, he is losing weight completely. Two or three times a week is enough to make the body work in an accelerated mode.

Thus, the path to a beautiful figure is not so difficult. It is enough to remember such simple things as motivation, sleep, food and sport. Only a complex of these things will help to lose weight. Do not follow the stereotypes and believe that you can lose five kilos a week. Losing weight is a fairly long process. The body must get used to the new form and work properly.

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