6 Simple Rules to Keep Health

6 Simple Rules to Keep Health

In the modern world more and more people tend to be beautiful. A huge number of men and women daily generously pay for the work of the army of hairdressers, makeup artists, stylists, beauticians, plastic surgeons, tanning salons and spa salons, fitness clubs. But, unfortunately, many people often forget about simple rules that allow them to maintain their own health. Some procedures not only do not improve our health, but can also significantly harm it.

A person with poor health can not look beautiful. The most important thing is how to keep health and youth longer, and then we will remain beautiful for a long time.

There are several simple rules that, turning into habits, will permanently preserve health, youth and beauty:

1. Do not overeat. This leads to the appearance of excess weight, an increase in the burden on internal organs and the musculoskeletal system, metabolic disorders, hormonal changes and many other serious consequences, not to mention the short life expectancy and low quality. Not to starve. This leads, in my opinion, to more severe consequences than overeating.

2. Stop smoking and drinking alcohol. Recently, whether because of the ban on smoking and drinking alcohol in public places, whether because of the change in the direction of fashion trends, and perhaps because of the increase in self-awareness, more people stop smoking and drinking alcohol. Whatever the reason, this trend is encouraging.

3. It is necessary to learn correctly, to eat. At least five times a day in small portions. Forget about the existence of fast food. Make your breakfasts the biggest meal, and dinner is the smallest, reduce the amount of sugar and salt. A huge number of books written on the topic of healthy eating, the main thing to want to understand.

4. Drink enough pure water. Approximately 1.5-2 liters. No biochemical process in the body occurs without the participation of water. Often the body needs water, and our brain sends us a signal, and we, for a number of reasons, perceive it as “I want to eat.” So it’s better to drink first, and after half an hour you can eat.

5. Regularly, constantly take natural vitamins. Synthetic cause allergies. Vitamins are the nutrition of cells. They depend not only on strong health and longevity, but also, to a large extent, the beauty of the hair, the strength of the nails, the radiance and health of the skin, the slenderness of the figure. Vitamins affect all processes in the body, and the lack of them immediately affects the appearance. So it is worth investigating this issue.

6. Move a lot, lead an active lifestyle, because movement is life.

By following these simple rules, it is much easier to maintain beauty and youth for a long time.

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