6 exercises will help to strengthen self-confidence

6 exercises will help to strengthen self-confidence

What do these people have in themselves that attract attention when they appear? What is so great about them? They have self-confidence. They feel good in their own skin, and can properly express this good health. Thanks to this, everyone wants to live in their society, even painfully thirst for contact – even fleeting.

Do you want to spend time with such a person? Or maybe it would be better to be someone like that? Yes, that would be better! At this point, we come to a simple and, at the same time, a serious thing that you must do. If you are a person already confident in yourself, then the next few paragraphs will be for you only a list of obvious things. And if you do not have confidence in yourself, then it is worth reading further.

At its core, the rules seem simple. Knowing them is a trifle, it’s very difficult to understand, it’s really hard to accept it. Well, there is one more difficulty: apply everything in practice. Read, below are the rules for strengthening self-confidence. Then think for a minute. Are you able to fulfill all the points? Probably, with some there will be a lot of trouble. But, do not worry, at the end of each rule you will find an exercise. After reading the article, perform any of them. Some will seem strange, maybe even shocking. Perform them, and then think again over each moment.

Take care of clothes

First, we start with the easiest. Now, probably, many people grumbled, they say, not clothes that color a person. This is true, but certainly the outfit affects your well-being. The right clothes will make you feel special, the best. Even if you are not interested in novelties from the fashion world, do not know what is currently on the top, this does not mean that clothes do not affect your mood. The subconscious mind adjusts to how you look. If you wear old discolored shirts, stretched pants or a jacket that is older than you, you will perceive yourself as discolored and tattered.

As you see, and perceive. Care for the dress will improve the interaction with the environment. People will take you more seriously, they will pay attention to you. Use this fact. Do not spare money for good clothes. This does not mean that you have to spend a lot of money on some designer rags. Pay attention to what you are buying. Sometimes it’s better to spend a little more on good quality clothes than to buy anything, which is a shame to go out to throw out the garbage. In addition, quality clothing is more durable and can be used longer.

Remember: dress properly in any weather. Buy only what you will feel good, and you can say that in this shirt / pants / jacket really look super.

Exercise number 1: visit tomorrow a good clothing store and see the clothes offered there. It would be good to buy something, but it is not necessary for the exercise. Do not leave the store until you have tried at least three different things. Take a good look at yourself in the mirror. How do you look? And how are you feeling?

Appropriate gait

The way you stand and walk shows what kind of person you are. People moving apathetically, hunching their backs and looking down at the ground, create the impression of people lacking self-confidence. As if they lack the goal in life. As a result, they are less enthusiastic about themselves and for others. You must maintain a correct posture daily. Stand straight, with your head up, do not avoid eye contact. Create a good impression, and you will get more value from the environment, you will be perceived completely differently. See for yourself, on the next walk.

Exercise number 2: stand up naked in front of the mirror and carefully look at yourself. This is not a mistake or a typo. Only in this way you can see all the shortcomings and advantages of your posture. Accept several different positions. Now do you see the difference? Stop shy of your own body, instead, develop an ideal posture and gait.

Body care

“The body is the temple of the soul.” Do you know this statement? It is true. This principle is connected directly with the previous one. If you want to have a good posture, you must take care of your body. This care is manifested, first of all, in the right way of eating and training. Physical training has a huge impact on self-esteem and self-confidence. If you do not feel attractiveness in your body, you probably have a feeling that you do not have energy – all this means that you do not care about the body in a certain way. Due to a change in the diet (for example, you can limit the consumption of sweets) and the right activity, you can change a lot and in a short time. A few simple exercises performed regularly will introduce a habit of discipline. A disciplined person can do much more than a lazy person.

Exercise number 3: attention, now it will be harder. Choose three physical exercises, and determine the number convenient for you or the duration of their implementation. On the first day, perform, for example, 10 sit-ups, 10 slopes and run one circle around the house. On the second day, repeat all in a double amount. On the third day, you must multiply the number of exercises by three times. Do this for the entire week. Will you cope? Of course yes! You must be persistent.

Take care of home and work place

Now think about your surroundings. The places where you spend time also affect your mood and self-esteem. If you work in a gloomy office or your bedroom is equipped uncomfortably, you will walk irritated, and self-confidence will remain at a low level. Try to change something in your home. Try something that will change your environment for the better. Try to spend time in places that are cheerful and bring positive thoughts. Have you ever heard of Feng Shui? It is not necessary to believe in everything that the master of Feng Shui says, but, no doubt, it would be worthwhile to get acquainted with the principles of his work.

Exercise number 4: go to the store and buy some nice thing to decorate the apartment. You can visit the flower shop and buy a room flower in a beautiful pot, or just refresh the frame and hang a new picture or photo on the wall. The choice is yours. Find what you like.

Do not hide yourself

People (conditionally) are divided basically into two types: those sitting in the front rows in the lecture hall and those sitting behind (this, of course, is just such a comparison). Most tend to occupy seats at the end of the room. They are chosen mainly because of fear of people. This behavior reflects a lack of self-confidence. Deciding to take a place in the first row, you can overcome this irrational fear and significantly raise your self-esteem.

Exercise number 5: take the place in front. If you are a student, then do so during the lectures. If you are already working professionally, do not be afraid to make a report first. Or maybe you are doing business? Of course, there are large companies that you would like to work with, but do not have the courage to submit your proposals to them. Choose this way, one such company and contact its representative. Whoever you are, pay attention.


If you concentrate very much on what you want, your subconscious mind will begin to give arguments that convince you to give up the dream. This inevitably leads to conviction in their weaknesses, inflating each of its shortcomings and exaggerating it. A good way to avoid this mental trap is a sense of gratitude. Instead of wondering why you can not achieve something, focus on your achievements, the successes of the past, unique skills, close relationships that connect you to other people (for example, the family) and other positive things that took place in a minute of your life. Of course, there are at least a few such things. That’s it for everything, you can be grateful. Thank yourself for the achievements, the fate of the case, the parents for the care in childhood. You will be surprised how much you will be motivated by such thinking.

Exercise 6: Make a list of your life achievements and skills on a piece of paper. Do not miss any positive elements in your past and present. Read it very carefully, and be grateful for every point.

These six recommendations are the main weapon to combat a low level of self-confidence. If you refer to them and follow all the proposed exercises, you will undoubtedly feel better. You will start thinking about yourself completely differently. Try it, because you do not lose anything.

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