5 useful habits to preserve beauty and health

Modern society plunged into mobile phones, social networks and various entertainments. Today you can see how young people suffer from older diseases. But this can be avoided, having acquired only 5 useful habits.

Heavy breakfast – a guarantee of health

The most useful habit is a dense and healthy breakfast. After sleep, the body needs nutrients. The very first meal should be abundant and contain all the necessary nutrients and vitamins. It’s no accident people say: have breakfast as a grandee, dine like a rich man, and dine like a poor man.

According to experts, people who are not lazy to prepare a full breakfast, are less committed to heart disease and various gastrointestinal disorders. They are much easier to fight with a sense of hunger, which arose several hours before bedtime.

Do exercises!

The second important “acquisition” should be charging. In the morning the body had not yet woken up, the muscles swelled, and the organs were not receiving the oxygen required for work. That’s why doctors around the world are talking about the benefits of morning exercise. Every day the fulfillment of even a few simple movements will make it possible to fill the oxygen deficit and give a charge of vivacity for the whole day.

If you want to be healthy – tempered!

Contrast shower and cold douches accelerate blood circulation, increase immunity, and also help to remove accumulated stress. The main rule before the process of hardening – do not start doing it in winter, when the body is weakened by a lack of vitamins.

Develop a habit of walking

In the “era” of elevators and the surplus of cars, many people will take this recommendation into hostility. But several ascents on foot to their apartment can replace a number of sports exercises! In addition, a person who prefers walks instead of public transport and personal cars, feels healthier and more cheerful.

Warm up during “routine” work

Cooking, long conversations on the phone, continuous sitting at the computer and other inactive actions cause a weakening of the tonus of the muscles of the whole body. Only five minutes of warm-up during the working day will help to increase muscle tone and give a burst of vitality.

This does not mean that it is necessary to give up all work and do 50 squats or 30 push-ups. Standard twists of the trunk and head, swings of arms and legs, inclinations in different directions will greatly benefit the physical condition of the body and the well-being of the person as a whole.

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