5 tips on how to handle money correctly

5 tips on how to handle money correctly

“Leaked, like through my fingers”, “from salary to salary”, “I can barely make ends meet” – these statements about the eternal shortage of money have become so familiar that they are perceived as an axiom. But, it turns out, money is the same flow of energy, similar to other components of our reality, and a person, without knowing it himself, can create obstacles to this flow by his misconduct and thinking.

No sane person wants to be the cause of his own financial failures. Therefore, it is worthwhile to listen to the words of people who are financially successful, who say that financial well-being depends directly on our thinking about the proper treatment of money. Feng shui for money can also help. So, what does money want from us?

Money wants us to treat them well

Not greedily, but with respect. Our true attitude toward money is given by the attitudes that have been brought up in us since childhood. For example, that money is “dirty” or that wanting them is unworthy. Such attitudes at the subconscious level will cause us to reject cash flows, even if we really want to get rich.

Money wants us to count them

“You know how much money you like” -it can not be more precise. Do you know how much money you have now in your wallet? And on the bank account? And in your coat pocket? Secured people know exactly how much they have, how much they spend and how much money they will have tomorrow (including the accrued interest).

Money wants us to plan our budget

The question of planning should never be left to chance or to chance. Use budget planning programs that have developed a great variety. Choose the program that suits you best, install it on a tablet or phone and get used to its constant use. If you are not very friendly with modern information technology or do not want to bother, just create a separate notebook for budget management.

Money loves the movement and wants us to spend it

But they did not mindlessly. Read Robert Kiyosaki, understand what “assets” and “liabilities” are and understand how to spend your money correctly.

Create new sources of money

If you are accustomed to rely only on wages and do not want to change anything, then your financial situation will not change radically for the better. People who succeeded, always looked for new opportunities and did not sit idly by. Learn something unusual for yourself, for example, learn the topic of earning on the Internet. The seeker will find, and who knows what prospects will open before you if you are persistent in your quest to find financial well-being.

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