5 rules of the New Year’s feast

5 rules of the New Year's feast

The most fabulous, winter New Year’s days are approaching, and the body is waiting and anticipating the most delicious and mouth-watering dishes. Of course, after all, the festive atmosphere, enticing aromas of dishes can not leave anyone indifferent. How to prevent overeating and discomfort on the part of the gastrointestinal tract during the holidays is a common question, but meanwhile there are several secrets that will allow you to stay the whole holiday in good health.

A lot of people get on a diet and arrange their own days off on the eve of the New Year, which is generally true, but the point here is not to free space in the stomach, but to relieve the body of the burden caused by an enthralled solemn meal. The whole trouble is that at first unreasonable people grow fanatically fanatical, and then overeat with great fanaticism, getting everything from the curvature of the bowels to the aggravation of peptic ulcer.

Therefore, the most important rule – do not starve in anticipation of the battle of the chimes and for some time before the holiday. Do not skip breakfast, lunch and dinner on the 31st. Do not get carried away snacks. Just slightly work out the diet: fill the meat rich soups with light vegetable soups, and instead of meat, eat a piece of boiled fish or chicken. Do not strongly lean on raw vegetables, as they provoke an appetite, and the rough fiber can cause disruption of the bowels.

Alcoholic drinks are beginning to drink the most impatient already on the eve of the holiday, which is also not welcome. First, you distort the taste perception, because to celebrate the New Year will already, albeit with a light, but a hangover. Secondly, alcohol increases appetite, and you can finish to a full meal and absolutely apathetic to treats.

Such a drink as soda is better and completely excluded from the menu not only on New Year’s Eve, but in general. Carbonated water contains a record dose of sugar, which can not affect the figure. In addition, such drinks inhibit the absorption of alcohol, causing fermentation and poisoning the body. And they have a bad effect on the gastrointestinal tract.

Try to observe the principle of fractional nutrition. Eat everything and little by little, even if you are ready to eat everything from the table. Lie on light meals so that more hearty culinary masterpieces do not have time to reach your stomach. Vegetables, light snacks – that’s what you need to eat with pleasure. Heavy fatty dishes with sauces and butter will not give you anything but gravity and overeating. In addition, the body quickly gets tired of the monotonous food, and perhaps after eating salads, you will just ripen the next day to hot dishes.

If you spend the whole night sitting at a table without leaving it, you risk taking a boring evening and night. To get better food – dance, get up, walk, put things in order on the table, take pictures from different angles, in general, in one word – move. Make a program so that you can dance and have fun, and have fun.

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