5 healthy rules that will add to you a few years of life

5 healthy rules that will add to you a few years of life

Although each of us would like to be healthy for many years, we usually do not do anything for it. And it’s not even that we do not have enough willpower for this, but that often we just do not know where to start. Therefore, you should learn the basic rules as soon as possible to make sure that you are able to achieve this goal. First of all, you have to get rid of bad habits (smoking, alcohol and sleepless nights). Then you can safely proceed with further changes.

1. Move on

As a first rule, it is necessary to note, of course, the movement. Throw aside laziness aside and find for yourself some kind of activity. But this should not be a sport of endurance. For our purposes, walking, badminton and similar light activities are suitable.

Gradually, when the body gets used to the load, it can be increased. The main thing is not to stop and not to reduce movement.

2. Eat at least a few fruits and vegetables every day

Every day we have to eat at least a few vegetables or fruits with each meal. But if you do not like them, this rule is difficult to observe. So persuade yourself each day to eat one fruit or vegetable the size of a small tomato. So you get some nutrients that will help you stay in shape.

3. Every evening, part with the anger accumulated for the day

Whatever happens during the day, try to settle everything before you go to bed. Otherwise, you will carry a negative charge the next day and the accumulated negative energy will again undermine your health. If you quarreled with someone close, forgive him or ask for forgiveness.

4. Drink more pure water

If you have access to drinking water of good quality, replace it with other fluids that you drink during the day. Limit the consumption of sweet drinks, in particular those that are harmful to the body. In addition, try to limit the consumption of mineral water, because a constant flow of minerals can lead to their overdose.

5. Every day should bring you even a small joy

It can be anything. The main thing is you have to wait for it with impatience. Find for yourself pleasant trivia and small joys: visiting your favorite place, talking with friends, visiting a confectioner’s shop and buying a small cake, a minute of laziness, cooking your favorite dish, etc. It must be something that is easily accessible to you every day. Such small pleasures will always help you easily insist on positive thinking and it is easier to bear negative aspects of life.

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