5 daily habits that are harmful to health

5 daily habits that are harmful to health

How to preserve youth, beauty and health? This is a question that worries people of all ages and all classes. And very few people know that this will help in this only five points, with which everyone must get acquainted and then try to completely exclude from his life.

Behind the innocuous first number are hiding sweets or, rather, our excessive love for them. What are the reasons for the first place of your favorite treats? And in that, first, they add extra pounds that never lead to health, and secondly they help premature aging. Sugar molecules are connected to the protein fibers of human cells, thus provoking the process of glycation, which acts on the human body in a destructive manner and causes the skin to lose its elasticity and radiance, dark circles begin to appear under the eyes, the pores expand and wrinkles appear.

Under the second number is a favorite and comfortable sedentary lifestyle. If a person spends most of his time in a cozy armchair in the office, this will necessarily lead to a risk of obesity, and, consequently, to the opportunity to earn cardiovascular diseases leading to the doctor. For this person, with this way of life, it is just necessary to fill your time with various physical training, so that recently scientists conducted a study, which resulted in the fact that 150 minutes of physical exercises can add from 10 to 30 years of life.

Under the third number was a lack of a good and healthy sleep. The less a person sleeps, the less he lives. This axiom should become a habit. Sleep is life. Moreover, your sleep should be comfortable and last at least 7-8 hours a day. It is necessary to take care of the silence, comfortable temperature for the body and try to get rid of nervous tension before going to sleep, for example with the help of meditation or hot tea with honey.

At number four hid one of the most serious habits of the 20-early 21 centuries – the TV, namely the excessive love for his viewing. British researchers have proved that watching TV for more than an hour, reduces human life by 22 minutes. Proceeding from this follows: 1 hour before the TV minus 22 minutes of life. We draw conclusions. After such a statement, a completely logical question arises: is the TV killing us? No. Killing us a long sitting on the couch in one pose. From a fixed posture, in which a person is more than half an hour, in the cells of the human body begins to accumulate sugar, which, as is known, can lead to obesity.

At number five, a habit follows from all the above-mentioned stoop, which leads to pain in the back and hence to diseases of the spine.

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