3 ways to quickly lose weight by the New Year

3 ways to quickly lose weight by the New Year

Soon comes our long-awaited New Year holiday, and so you want to dress a beautiful dress and impress everyone with its beauty. Of course, you, like all the girls on the planet, puzzle how quickly to lose weight. But if it was that easy, you would not have read this article now. Follow the suggested tips, and you will find that you lose less than a month REAL.

Eat a little, but often

Since our stomach consists of smooth muscles, it can easily stretch if we eat a lot. The more we eat in one sitting, the more it will become. But if we reduce the amount of food eaten, then the stomach in a few days will be less.

The time of eating is also very important. Food should be in time to enter the body, so that the stomach all the time worked and did not put it aside.

Drink and Thin

The human body is 75-80% water. It is vital for us. Her duties include washing the cells of the body, controlling the internal temperature of the body, regulate digestion and much more.

How much water do we need to lose weight? Approximately 1 kg of weight should drink 30 ml of water, so if you weigh 70 kg, then you need to drink about 2100 ml per day, it is quite possible.

When to drink water correctly? The best option is in the morning 30 minutes before meals and 1 hour after meals. Do not drink water during meals – it worsens digestion.

Sport at home

In order to lose weight we need to lose 1200 calories.

How to do it sitting at home? Much easier than you think. To begin with, let’s look at walking. This is the best way to lose weight at home. Just imagine how many calories you burn if you continue to walk during a conversation, often climb and go down the stairs.

If you perform these 3 simple ways every day, then you will undoubtedly achieve those results that you did not even dream of.

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