3 are not obvious factors that seriously affect our weight!

3 are not obvious factors that seriously affect our weight!

Insufficient and improper nutrition prevents weight loss and leads to weight gain, and this is quite obvious. Nevertheless, there are some not so obvious factors that seriously affect weight gain. Nutritionists named these factors, explaining what they do with our weight.


Stress stimulates an increase in the level of cortisol, a hormone that is necessary to maintain the biochemical balance. Increasing its level affects weight gain, especially in the waist, abdomen. This type of fatty deposits, known as “toxic” fat, is also associated with cardiovascular diseases. Cortisol affects insulin levels and regulation of blood sugar. The more insulin and sugar, the stronger the level of cortisol increases. When this level is higher than normal, it can lead to increased appetite. Higher levels of cortisol affect the greater retention of calories as fat. It is for these reasons that eliminating stress can be one way to achieve and maintain an ideal body weight.

Insufficient sleep

Lack of sleep can stop the process of losing weight. Studies show that women who slept seven hours a day were more slender than women who slept less. Why? Cortisol levels start to rise after 22:30, and even more after 23:30, if we are awake; That’s why the most wonderful time to go to sleep is around 10pm. The level of cortisol is usually lower in the evening. However, if you go to bed late, increasing the level of cortisol can have a direct effect on the increase in appetite, and it is for this reason that we feel hungry. Therefore it is not surprising that we will go to the kitchen to the refrigerator.

Green tea

If you want to get rid of extra pounds, it would be wise to drink more green tea. Studies show that women who consume it regularly have less accumulation of cholesterol and triglycerides in the body and reduce the increase in fat excretion. In addition, studies prove that five cups of green tea per day can significantly reduce the level of fat in the blood, including LDL (bad cholesterol). It should be noted that caffeine plays no role – even without caffeine, green tea has the same properties. So be sure that for weight loss you should avoid alcohol, carbonated and similar drinks, and it is necessary to drink as much green tea as you can drink.

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