20 valuable tips to slimming

20 valuable tips to slimming

Fighting overweight is not an easy task, which requires not only perseverance, but also certain knowledge. If you have a huge desire and enthusiasm, this article will help you realize your dream. So, consider 20 tips on how to deal with obesity.

1. It is very important for weight loss to ensure normal microcirculation of blood in the subcutaneous adipose tissue, and for this you need to wear loose, not constraining and not squeezing clothes. It is especially important to wear free things when you are training – this will provide a 50% greater result.

2. 2-3 times a week it is recommended to drink 200 ml of red wine – it helps to burn fat much more efficiently. It is better to drink alcohol half an hour before bedtime – so during the night, while you relax, your fat tissue will burn.

3. Walk more often to the bath – there you can leave not only 200-300 grams of excess weight, but also toxins that interfere with the normal functioning of your body, thereby slowing down the metabolic processes.

4. To cope with problematic places, you can use one simple procedure. It is necessary every other day, during the evening shower, to massage problem areas with the addition of soda. So you get a double result – get rid of subcutaneous adipose tissue and keep the skin supple and elastic.

5. Every morning, force yourself to take a contrast shower – it will disperse the metabolism, and will also give you a charge of vivacity for the whole day.

6. In order to lose weight faster, you need to change your eating habits and eating habits. Proper nutrition and no harmful products – it goes without saying, but for intense weight loss you need something more. Start eating often, but in very small amounts – this is the key to stability in metabolism.

7. Another important nuance – a thorough chewing food. Digestion begins in the mouth, as the enzymes contained in the saliva, split the food and the longer you chew it, the better it will be absorbed.

8. Build your diet in such a way that it is half consisted of fresh, and most importantly – raw fruits, herbs and vegetables.

9. It is necessary to replace large dishes with a small one. This is a psychological maneuver that will help to feel satiation from small portions of food.

10. It is necessary to add rice to your diet, but it is best if it is brown, that is, wild. With the help of rice, you will be able to quickly remove the decomposition products of adipose tissue from the body, thereby ensuring a stable metabolic rate.

11. Do not completely abandon the sugar – it provides normal brain function, and this ensures the full functioning of all systems and the body. It is important simply to moderate it, and it is better to provide it in kind.

12. You need to eat not before 18:00, but 2 hours before bedtime. At night, we also need energy to restore the body, therefore, too much interval between meals only hurts – it will slow down the metabolism.

13. Drink 2 glasses of water, half an hour before and after meals. So you can additionally disperse the metabolism, and the food that enters the body, will quickly be processed into energy.

14. Be sure to add in your diet a hot red pepper, and also you can perform a massage with a tincture from it. Hot pepper accelerates fat burning, and also neutralizes toxins.

15. Do not get carried away by mono diets – this can seriously disrupt your metabolism. Also, do not use for weight loss those nutrition systems that imply eating food, caloric content less than 1300 calories per day.

16. Once a day, in the morning, drink a glass of cold broth of rose hips – it has a diuretic effect, and also helps burn fat.

17. Once a month, arrange a full-fledged bowel cleansing with enema or salt water.

18. It is important that your diet contains enough protein – it will help you burn fat, and not lose weight by destroying muscle tissue.

19. Use the popular wrapping procedure today. It is best to use fruit vinegar.

20. Love a healthy lifestyle, learn how to prepare tasty, but healthy food. Every day lived without bad habits and unhealthy food, will make you better and help to keep a beautiful figure.

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