20 tips on how to remove excess weight and never return to it

20 tips on how to remove excess weight and never return to it

In one article, we tried to collect all sorts of tips that can lead you to weight loss.

1. Be sure to get a notebook or diary, where you will write down what you ate. Carefully analyze at the end of the day, what exactly was excess in your diet.

2. Do not get carried away by popular diets. Know that diets are not suitable for everyone, so be careful and better before you dump extra pounds to consult a specialist.

3. Do “small snacks” during the day. It can be both nuts and various fruits. So you will not let your body get hungry and get rid of constant nervousness.

4. Count the calories. Watch your diet. Pay attention to ensure that your daily diet is not less than 1700 calories and did not exceed 2000 kcal.

5. Every morning, do exercises or make easy jogs. Maintain your body in good physical condition.

6. Replace sugar with honey and dried fruits. It is very tasty and also useful.

7. Avoid carbonated drinks. Better replace them with clean water and freshly squeezed juices.

8. Do your homework with a good mood. Do not forget that washing the floors, cleaning the apartment and many other household chores – also contribute to burning calories.

9. Make yourself a walk in the park in the fresh air. Try to relax and enjoy the surrounding scenery.

10. Try not to eat anything before going to bed. Better drink a glass of pure water or kefir.

11. Replace meat with seafood. They have many useful vitamins and amino acids.

12. Refuse alcohol and various power engineers. Such drinks only “kindle appetite” and besides they are very harmful to the body.

13. Have breakfast properly and never miss it, it’s better to skip dinner.

14. If possible, replace the fried with boiled, vegetable oil with sesame or olive oil. Include vegetarian dishes in your diet.

15. Pay close attention to the hips and waist. It is these zones that are the most problematic for women and it is here that fat is firstly deposited.

16. If you are too busy and you do not have time to visit the fitness room, then you can simply replace it with an active lifestyle. For example, replace the elevator by walking up the stairs. Try to move as much as possible at any opportunity.

17. Sign in to the pool. Swimming is very useful, because in the water you have all muscle groups involved. This allows you to burn extra pounds faster and feel in good shape.

18. For 10-15 minutes before eating, drink a glass of water. So you will greatly improve your digestion.

19. Weigh yourself at least once every four days. Carefully watch your figure.

20. Try never to lose heart. Maintain a good mood. Learn to enjoy every moment of your life. Smile as much as possible and become an example for others.

We wish you good luck!

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