2 steps to help you lose weight

2 steps to help you lose weight

Many people spend years struggling with obesity. They try different ways to achieve the desired harmony: they follow a diet, go in for sports, do not eat after 6 pm – but the weight, somehow, comes back again. Unfortunately, we rarely think about what exactly is our desire to eat late at night or to eat more, although the feeling of satiety has already come. Problems with excess weight (and the inability to lose weight and achieve the desired harmony) are psychological problems. And before you deprive yourself of dinner or limit the amount eaten, try to understand the following possible reasons for your failures.

The next two points are those cherished secrets that will help you in your quest to lose weight and quickly lead to the desired result. And unlike diets and hunger strikes, the result will be for a long time (if not forever).

Recognize your feelings and emotions

One of the main reasons for the constant desire to eat is that food is used as a way to avoid unpleasant emotional sensations. This, most likely, began in childhood, when your nervous system was not strong enough to reflect all the negative, and your experience was not enough to not pay attention to other people’s words and opinions. Then for you to “eat” meant “forget about the negative,” and gradually and imperceptibly it became a habit.

Here are the basic feelings that people seek to “seize”:


We feel lonely when we need to contact someone, and no one is around. Or near there is no one who could help us.

Especially painful and strongly this feeling beats children who do not yet know that sometimes loneliness is normal, that there is nothing wrong with it, that this feeling will soon pass. Therefore, they strive to avoid unpleasant feelings by any means, and eating can easily become one of such ways.

Broken heart

Most of us, one way or another, came across similar things. This is not necessarily related to the partner who rejected us. Such a pain could be caused by anyone who refused to trust us and be friends. Especially – friendship. Remember, was there a person in your childhood who sharply and categorically refused to be friends with you? If there was such a case, really, it was very painful?

And in such cases, many find solace in eating, especially in sweet foods. The consequences then appear in numbers on the scales, which only further drives the depression.


Many faced sudden losses, painful and frightening. In such situations, it is perfectly normal to look for any way that could muffle grief. The main thing is that he then does not grow into a habit, which many overlook. Unfortunately, it is often not possible to control this process, and people suddenly realize their painful dependence on food, alcohol, sex and other “depressors”.

Love yourself

As children, you have found a very effective way to cope with negative emotions. But as adults, you have discovered the enormous consequences that are hiding behind this way. Now it no longer helps and, moreover, provides you with a huge amount of negatives of another kind: a sense of guilt, shame, depression, anxiety, irritation, anger.

To heal, you need to find the source of your actions. The very original emotion that formed in you the desire to “seize” it. Was it fear, or pain, or a sense of uselessness? Understand yourself, find the source, find something that makes you repeatedly walk at night to the refrigerator. If this has already become a habit, find actions that will make you distracted.

But the main thing is – accept your emotions and love yourself. Mentally thank yourself-in-childhood for finding a way to cope with the pain – then it seemed to you that this is the only way out. Also mentally explain to yourself that now you know the best ways to deal with stress, and this method is not so effective. Tell yourself that you forgive yourself for all the pain you felt that you let go of it, that now you are completely free. Tell yourself that you love yourself and accept it with all the advantages and disadvantages. Tell yourself that you love, every day! Love is what can cure any disease, solve any problem. Love and forgiveness.

When you learn to love yourself, you will feel how sudden changes cover you with your head. The body will no longer have to keep all the pain inside, it will be able to release it. And along with it – your extra weight will go away too.

The secret is simple, and no diet, exhausting workouts and hunger strikes are needed. Just love and forgive yourself. Talk to yourself. Recognize yourself and your emotions.

The changes are just around the corner, you’ll see.

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