17 tips to help you lose weight

17 tips to help you lose weight

Many women struggle with excess weight all life, try various diets, techniques and salon procedures. In this article I will give you 17 tips that are guaranteed to help you lose weight and bring your weight back to normal. This is not just another diet, it’s advice on proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

17 tips to help you lose weight:

1. Water! Once more water! You need to drink at least two liters of water a day.

2. Avoid the consumption of alcoholic beverages, especially sweet drinks (cocktails for example), since they contain a lot of sugar.

3. Do not skip breakfast. This meal is the most important for the whole day.

4. Learn how to distinguish between hunger and appetite. The feeling of hunger is a signal that indicates that the body lacks energy; Appetite also indicates a spontaneous desire to have something to eat. It is necessary to be able to overcome temptation, and there is only when it really is required.

5. If you really “really” really want a sweet one – eat dried fruits (in moderation), jelly sweets, etc.

6. Carrots, tomatoes, kiwi can be eaten without restrictions. But do not forget that carrots with a large amount of consumption can paint the color of your skin in “carrot”, this indicates that the body can not cope with surpluses of carotene.

7. Refuse from snacks between meals.

8. Drink a glass of water for half an hour before eating.

9. Do not sit at the table until you are sure that nothing will distract you from eating.

10. Do not forget that the feeling of saturation comes only after twenty minutes.

11. Thoroughly chew food, this ensures good digestion, and will not allow you to eat too much.

12. Never shop on an empty stomach. Otherwise, you can be tempted by harmful products for the shape.

13. Try to cook food for a couple. This will save as many vitamins as possible, as well as prevent the addition of fat to the dishes.

14. Interesting advice – eat blue dishes). The feeling of saturation comes much faster. In order not to overeat, use dessert plates.

15. Summarize once a week! Step by step approach your goal. But we must remember that weights may not always suit you because of weight fluctuations due to fluid retention.

16. Discard the consumption of sausages, fried foods and animal fats.

17. Rejoice in every achievement. Notice that they began to lose weight – praise yourself! Clothes have become too big-you are on the right track. Feel the satisfaction of the results.

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