14 things that are not the place in the life of a happy woman

14 things that are not the place in the life of a happy woman

There are things in our lives that we do automatically without even thinking about what we are doing. Some of them seriously spoil our lives or prevent us from enjoying it in fullness. But, we have one life and we never know how long it will last, so do not waste it on things that do not make it better. Let’s look at 14 things that are not the place in the life of a happy woman.

1. First of all you need to get rid of one harmful dependence – from someone else’s opinion. Each person will think something different – under all you simply can not adjust, so be guided solely by your opinion, and to the advice of the most authoritative people for you, listen carefully. Stop torturing yourself with stupid questions about how other people will react to your words, decisions and actions. Be free!

2. Now get rid of the desire to be good for everyone. Believe me, you will never succeed. Therefore, do not seek to please someone, and do your own goals and if you personally suddenly have a desire to help someone, then do it only when you are asked to do so. Sometimes good deeds do not help, but on the contrary – they interfere with people. It is not necessary to listen to all of courtesy – people often look for whom you can throw out the whole negative. Appreciate yourself – your ears are not a dump pit.

3. The thing that will now be discussed, is present in the lives of almost every woman – it’s uncomfortable, but terribly beautiful shoes. In life, the main thing is not beauty, but love of self. If you care about others seeing a beautiful and stylish girl, and you suffer from pain and terrible fatigue, what kind of happiness and love for yourself can we talk about?

4. Do you like to wander around the vast expanses of the Internet at night? While children and husband (if any) sweetly snore in their cribs, you go to this insanely fascinating world, and in the morning get up with bags under the eyes, irritation. Then there are health problems, depression and chronic fatigue. Take care of yourself – sleep at night, and on the Internet you can find 15-20 minutes and in the afternoon.

5. There is something else that has no place in the life of a happy and successful woman – these are toxic, exhausting to exhaustion relationships. It does not matter if it’s a man or a woman, but if this person is an energy vampire, and after communicating with him, you lose strength and do not want to see anyone, exclude him from your life.

6. In no case in your life you can not leave resentment – they poison your mood only to you. Therefore, it is worthwhile today to think about who you have inside the insult, forgive these people and get rid of this heavy load. Remember that forgiveness is not necessarily the continuation of previous relationships. Forgiveness means getting rid of bitterness and inner pain, but the way you communicate with your abuser is your own business.

7. Get rid of, in the end, the desire to lose weight and follow any newfangled diets. Want to lose weight – dieting will never help you. Just be patient for a few months, start working with your body in the gym or at home, and also completely revise your diet. Only in this way you will have a long-term result, and you will cease to live with the eternal desire to lose weight.

8. It’s time to stop letting others manipulate you and manage for your own personal gain. Learn to recognize the techniques of manipulation and confront them, and you will see how your life will become much more joyful and easier.

9. For those who do not use cover in the form of manipulation in order to use you, but do it openly, you just have to refuse. Learn to say the word “no” without remorse. How to do it? It’s very simple – refuse today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, and on the fourth day you will do it automatically, and with a smile on your face.

10. Get rid of the habit of not taking care of your health. If you have not been on a preventive examination for a long time, plan it for the very near future. Do not expect the moment when you put some illness in bed, it is better to perform timely preventive examinations and prevent undesirable consequences.

11. Another thing that you need to get rid of is dependence on social networks. If you are free from this, you are a happy person. If not, start slowly shortening the time that you spend on meaningless viewing of news feeds, photos of friends and reading public posts that you are subscribed to. Use your page solely to communicate with those who are dear to you and determine to yourself a strict timeframe. If you can not cope with this dependence, delete your page without the right to restore it and within a few months you will be rehabilitated.

12. Free your wardrobe and get rid of all that you do not wear, but keep for two reasons – “if I lose weight” and “I’m sorry to throw it away.” This applies to cosmetics – the trash that is stored in your closet and cosmetic bag, prevents you from updating your clothes and makeup. Therefore, get rid of it.

13. Forget your former guys and men – erase their numbers and try to minimize communication (if any is preserved after the break). Open for a new love that will bring you happiness. Eternal visits to the pages of his former, inquiries of friends about his life and just thoughts about him, will not give a heart wound heal, since you will pick it up again and again.

14. Get rid also of fear in your life – this is the most senseless of all feelings. Think about it – if something happens, what’s the meaning of it beforehand? Do not have to doom yourself to internal suffering in advance – learn to solve problems as they come.

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