13 ways to please a man

13 ways to please a man

Many women, having met on their way the very one who was looking for their entire conscious life, can not attract his attention and fall into despair. They think that they are not capable of anything and will never be truly happy. But all this is not true, it is absolutely not recommended to think so. If suddenly, a woman does not get to charm the man she likes, first of all she must think whether she really needs it? And if the answer is positive, then you can start the process of seduction. And that everything went as it should and there was not any blunder, this article will help her. Below are 13 effective ways, having studied which and taking into service, a woman can easily achieve her, that is, fall in love with any man.

1. All the representatives of the stronger sex are deeply in the soul of small puppies, which need to be petted and fed, and in return they will rub against the woman’s feet, faithfully running after her everywhere, wherever she went. Do not drive them away. Let them lie at their feet. A man can not be re-educated, but it is possible to train and train.

2. All men are narcissistic and this fact is scientifically proven. If a woman wants her chosen one to be faithful to her and listened to everything, she should often give him compliments. For example, highlight his appearance, character traits. To say how charming he is, how sexy, intelligent, generous and brave. All this will give the fair sex a great benefit. Men after such statements in their address, melt like a snowball, hang their ears and are ready for women to much and will be faithful all their lives.

3. All men love eyes. Therefore, if a woman wants to attract the attention of a man she likes, then she should use weapons of mass destruction. What kind of weapon is this? A woman’s outfit! She must put on her most seductive attire, smile obediently, remember the grace in her gait and reinforce it all with her own irresistibility and with a pure heart into the fight. Not one man from such will not stand and her lover is no exception.

4. All men as a magnet pulls to the “forbidden fruit.” A woman needs to pretend that he is indifferent to her and she is indifferent to him. He will understand that it must be conquered, and since all men are hunters and warriors, he will immediately act. But in any case you can not overdo it, otherwise the “fish” will float away without trying the bait. A woman should subtly hint to a man that he has a chance.

5. All men love secrets. In the event that a woman does not attract the role of a mysterious stranger, one can use the role of an agent of secret intelligence services. This approach is very modern and fraught with a lot of intrigue.

6. For the most part, a man obeys through kindness and childish naivety. If a woman wants a man she likes to want to be with her and give her attention, love and care, she must appear before him in the form of a sincere and naive young person who does not understand the modern world at all and is frightened of the part. A man will want to protect her and protect with all his body.

7. All men in the shower are small children who really want to be understood and pitied. A woman should give the man the opportunity, to be for him a “vest” in which he could cry. And nothing in this behavior of men is disgraceful. Even great geniuses, whose souls constantly wander somewhere in the fantasy world, need human support.

8. All men want to either be loved or to love. Those who want to be loved, weak men and if they do not have the right support next to them, they will not last so long and have a chance to lose them. The second type of men, those who want to love, are strong. Representatives of the fair sex are divided into the same types. If a woman has a weak type, then she needs a strong man. If, on the contrary, strong, then, accordingly, her man should be of a weak type.

9. All men are deep inside teens who like to play computer games and football in the yard. Therefore, to please a man, a woman should play with him in his games. And when a man is satisfied with this, present him their games with their rules.

10. All men are deeply in the heart of warriors. And as you know, the love war is far from easy. A man needs knowledge, considerable experience, and that he knows how to build his own strategies and was always armed to the teeth. Therefore, a woman who wants to please a man, it is necessary to give him a rebuff first, so that excitement comes to him, and then after a short resistance put a white flag, in full capitulation.

11. All men want all the best. Therefore, a woman should make sure that a man is sure that the best is her. And the man will believe, because the representatives of the stronger sex are so trusting.

12. All men are not capable of reacting to indifference by first invading their realm (life) bringing with them joy and fun, and then suddenly disappear without telling where and for how long. If a man stops sleeping and thoughts are always with a woman, then she can relax. He is in a knockout and is unlikely to ever come to his senses.

13. All men want to be sure that the whole universe plays by their rules and they are the masters of life. If a woman wants to please a man, then she should not at all show him that she is chosen. She should be made to think that he chose it. How to do it? As easy as pie. A woman simply does not need to show her interest in him. He should not think that it is being imposed. In addition, the woman follows all the ideas that come from her own head to give out for him, then the man will be proud and glad that he has such a good and understanding woman.

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