12 ways to quickly cheer up without coffee

12 ways to quickly cheer up without coffee

Many people do not imagine their lives without coffee. Morning preparation of this fragrant drink for many has already become familiar, brought to automatism, a ritual that you can not simply throw out of life. But, nevertheless, the abuse of this drink can nullify the beneficial effect from it, and even more – negatively affect our health. Therefore, sometimes it is worth using alternative ways to cheer up. So safer for health, because coffee has not only a positive effect, but it helps wash away calcium and many nutrients from the body, due to the diuretic effect. Therefore, consider 12 ways to cheer up without coffee.

1. A great way to stimulate your brain and tone your body – take a contrast shower. Just 5 minutes in the shower room and you will feel as if you had fallen asleep for a couple of hours. Moreover, it is useful for immunity and skin tone.

2. It will help restore the energy of a glass of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice. This method is not suitable for those who have stomach problems.

3. Intensive 5-minute neck massage will help to feel vivacity, as from a cup of coffee, due to increased blood supply to the brain.

4. An excellent stimulant, which works a hundred times more efficient than natural coffee – it’s an alcoholic tincture of ginseng root.

5. A glass of warm water, in which a spoon of honey or sugar, drunk in small sips, is dissolved, will help to feel a rush of energy. Due to glucose, brain activity is activated, on which the level of our activity depends.

6. Quickly gain vigor will help massage the wrist with a few drops of essential oil of orange.

7. Very quickly cheer up and increase the concentration of attention will help you 20 rotational movements of the head, in each direction.

8. A very pleasant way to restore energy is to eat 50 grams of natural dark chocolate.

9. Stimulates the nervous system and helps to activate the thinking processes of red dry wine, but be sure to drink it in small amounts so as not to get the opposite effect.

10. A few minutes of intensive physical exercises activates the processes of energy exchange, due to which you will feel a surge of energy.

11. An excellent way to quickly cope with increased drowsiness – to include loudly rhythmic, fun music. Even more effective is to dance for a few minutes under it.

12. If you feel that sleep is piling on you, try to go for a fifteen-minute walk. The brain can better eat oxygen, which will affect your performance.

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