12 Tips for Combating Insomnia

12 Tips for Combating Insomnia

On how hard the person sleeps and how much time he spends on this occupation, very much in his life depends. Productivity, success, health, beauty and even your opportunities are related to how long and how much quality your sleep is. The problem is that many people today can not boast that they sleep long enough and well. The overwhelming majority of people complain of a constant lack of sleep, dependence on coffee and energy drinks and other problems that result from sleep disorders. Insomnia, problems with falling asleep and quality of sleep can be eliminated. And how to do it – read below. So, 12 tips for fighting insomnia.

1. The most important rule of healthy and prolonged sleep is clean and fresh air in the bedroom. Therefore, before going to bed leave the window or window opened for at least 30 minutes. Air rich in oxygen stimulates the work of the epiphysis, due to which it actively produces a sleep hormone – melatonin.

2. Ideal conditions for sleep – it’s 70% moisture, and also the air temperature is not above 19 degrees Celsius.

3. It is very important that there is not a lot of dust in your sleeping room. Therefore, remove from the bedroom old wall carpets, collections of books and everything that can be its source. Dust mites are often the invisible cause of insomnia.

4. No less important is also the bed linen. In your bedroom can be present synthetics, but only in the form of pillows or blankets, and sheets, pillowcase and duvet cover, must necessarily be natural.

5. It is also worth choosing the right clothes for sleep. The fact that it should be natural, you already understood, but also important is the style. Sleeping clothes should not be tight and cause any discomfort. Therefore, give preference to free pajamas and forget about what is beautiful, but impractical.

6. It is worth not to overload the kidneys before going to bed, so drink most of the liquid in the morning. Also, in the afternoon it is recommended to stop using salt. The accumulation of fluid in the body will provoke a slowdown in the production of melatonin, which will lead to difficulties in falling asleep and insufficient quality of sleep.

7. For a good quality of sleep it is also important what and when you eat for dinner. Doctors recommend dinner no later than 2 hours before bedtime. But, it is also not recommended to eat too early, for example 4-5 hours before bedtime. So you definitely will not be able to fully relax at night, because your body will lack the nutrients necessary to ensure the recovery processes.

8. Since often the cause of sleep problems is stress, leading to stress of the nervous system and increased muscle tone, it is worth finding a suitable way to relax. Very effective training for 5-6 hours before sleep. Thanks to active exercises, you can remove nervous and muscular tension, and also get tired, due to what quickly fall asleep and will be fast asleep.

9. Relaxing evening massage will help very well cope with the problem of insomnia. In order for the effect to be maximum, a few drops of lavender essential oil should be added to the massage oil.

10. If you do not have the opportunity to perform a massage procedure, you can relax with water. Collect a hot bath and add to the water 20 drops of essential oil of lavender. Lying in the bathroom should be at least 15 minutes – during this time, essential oil of lavender will penetrate into your body through the skin and lungs, and warm water will relax the muscles and relieve fatigue.

11. An excellent remedy for insomnia is a herbal decoction of coriander seeds, mint leaves and melissa and camomile flowers. This drug should be taken no earlier than an hour before bedtime.

12. Learn to get up early – this will help you to normalize the regime of your day by adjusting it to the biorhythms of your body. Thanks to the early rise, you can easily fall asleep in the evenings.

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