12 Losing Weight Losses

12 Losing Weight Losses

Not everyone is losing weight effectively. At the same time, dieting is evident, and weight – what it was, remains so. What is the error here? Really there can be several, and it’s time to get acquainted with the twelve most common of them. We represent the top of such misconceptions.

1. After six pm there is no

It’s good when you go to bed at 22:00. And if your day regimen is such that you manage to get to bed just at one in the morning? Then after six there can be safely. Just from the time when you go to bed, count back 3-4 hours and do not eat at this interval. Supper should not be high-calorie.

2. Breakfast is not allowed, there should be only lunch and dinner

This is also not correct. It is clear that if you are a night owl, then you only have time to wake up in the morning, what else is there until a hearty breakfast! But no matter how much you start eating, observe the fractional nature of the food. Eat little and every two hours.

3. Have a good dinner at the TV

Of course, it is convenient to combine dinner with watching TV. And someone even thinks that the food is worse absorbed, which means that it will be “not a horse’s food”. However, this is not quite true. In fact, it is difficult to control how much we ate when we are passionate about something other than the actual food.

4. It’s useful to eat on the run, since calories are burned right away

In reality, if we eat on the go, then hurry, do not thoroughly chew food, and it is harmful to the body. A poorly digested food will soon be deposited in the form of slag, rather than “willingly leave” the body.

5. We must eat low-calorie foods

Dried fruits contain a lot of sugar, and it is concentrated. As for nuts, there are a lot of fats in them. So such products for all its usefulness are unlikely to contribute to weight loss. It is better to choose vegetables.

6. You need to replace any drinks with juices

Yes, juices are useful, but not for constant consumption. They are in themselves high-calorie. And if it is not juice, but nectar, then it turns out a lot of sugar. So it’s better to eat dietary freshly squeezed juices.

7. Do not get drunk too much water.

And here it is! At least two liters per day. And this is apart from other drinks.

8. Food should be sampled

If you cook for the whole family, food is hard not to try once. However, the Hare Krishnas have learned to reconcile their recipes so that they never try it during cooking, as they are forbidden by religion. Take an example from them. And further. Do not eat up the children!

9. The diet is able to change the metabolism

Yes, but only partly. And this does not help the dietary curd or egg. But lemons and greens, as well as legumes can speed up the metabolic processes.

10. You can not sleep for a long time

Here it is necessary to decide what “long” is. If you are in the arms of Morpheus less than 8 hours, then it’s not long, but not enough. A lack of sleep increases appetite.

11. Evaluate the process by weight

If you are physically active, then your fat will be consumed, and muscle tissue will grow. But the latter is denser than the first, which means that the weight may not change. It is better to take a centimeter and measure the circumference of the waist or hips. Only then you will be pleasantly surprised.

12. Periodic “sitting” on diets is useful

If you constantly lose weight, and then come to the original weight, the body can get used to the periodicity and try to compensate for weight. So, once losing weight, do not turn the process into a “pendulum”.

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