12 laws of rapid weight loss that will make you slim

12 laws of rapid weight loss that will make you slim

Forcing yourself to go in for sports is not easy, a girl needs an incentive for this – someone is losing weight for a wedding or a birthday, someone to get into a favorite dress (a skirt, a blouse), someone to spite the former, and someone to please the young man . That’s only to do it must be deliberate, and not rush into the “whirlpool of the head.” So, your attention is presented tips for losing weight, which really work.

12 laws of rapid weight loss, which will make you slim:

1. For the full effect, you need to drink 8 glasses of water per day, namely water, not coffee, tea, juice or other beverage. The most common and familiar drinking water helps to improve metabolism in the body and fights against fat, but also dulls the feeling of hunger and fills the stomach.

2. Every time before eating, you must drink at least 1 glass of water. On an empty stomach. Then the feeling of satiety will come faster and you eat less, which means you will gain less calories.

3. No one is immune from breakdowns, and in our lives there is always a place for a holiday, and if you’ve eaten something out of the forbidden or sweet, well … it happens. We start all over again, and eaten honestly we work off-schedule training in the gym.

4. Water with lemon and green tea contribute to the improvement of metabolism, the same effect gives a drink with cinnamon and ginger. In addition, ginger, spices and herbs often add to the food, with them your dinner will be digested faster. Do not forget to eat grapefruits and lemons.

5. In no case can you be fatigued by diets and hunger strikes, you will not achieve the effect, but you will lose your health. You need to eat on time, and, and breakfast and lunch and dinner, just do smaller portions. Fasting is bad for the stomach.

6. Drink tea without sugar. In unlimited quantities.

7. After 18.00 you can eat, not only possible, but also necessary, but it is better not to eat three hours before bed, otherwise the body will not have time to process the eaten food and everything will be deposited on the hips and waist.

8. The body needs rest. For a full recovery, you need to sleep 7-8 hours a day, otherwise in problematic areas will accumulate fat.

9. Love yourself and your body, make wraps, self-massage, add sea salt to the bath and use a scrub, then the skin will be tender and smooth and cellulite will not come to you.

10. Do not eat canned food, sausages and chips, as well as fizzy drinks – this is a direct way to excess kilograms. Do you need it?

11. Sport is our best friend, we regularly exercise and lose weight correctly.

12. We involve in the process of a loved one or girlfriend, with the company losing weight more fun, and more incentives.

Follow these simple rules and an ideal figure will not take long.

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