12 healthy and healthy habits

12 healthy and healthy habits

Many tips about a healthy lifestyle look quite logical in terms of losing weight to reduce fat and sweet, and to be active, it is useful to sleep. And there are tips that cause bewilderment, but no less effective.

Japanese scientists conducted an interesting experience. Volunteers, before midday sleep, were allowed to drink coffee with a caffeine content of not more than two hundred milliliters. Having woken up, they felt cheerful and got excellent results in computer testing in comparison with others who did not participate in the experiment.

The effect of caffeine on blocking the production of adenosine, begins after 20 minutes. Fatigue occurs when it increases, while midday sleep reduces this level.

Few people know that brushing your teeth after eating destroys the enamel, which is made soft by eating products that contain acid.

You can wear smaller clothes if you gain muscle weight. It turns out that this mass is one kilogram by volume less than the same kilogram of fat. From building muscles the figure becomes slimmer. To do this, it is enough to reduce the number of calories in the diet, and include strength training of sports activities.

A few pieces of biscuits will raise the sugar level, but leave hungry. The expert advises to replace cheese and nut, as the protein retains a sense of satiety.

The caffeine, which is in energy drinks, acts for a short time and gives a side effect in the form of nervousness, irritability and rapid heartbeat. An increased amount of sugar raises its level in the blood, as a result, after some time, the onset of gravity in the head is ensured.

When there are symptoms of puffiness, many reduce the consumption of water, considering it the cause. It appears as a result of dehydration, cells accumulate and retain moisture, so the appearance of edema is created. Daily intake of water will solve this problem. Eating high fiber foods requires more water to break down the dietary fiber.

In order to lose weight you can not drink a diet cola, soda with a sugar substitute.

From the constant use of their volume of the waist for ten years increases to 80 percent, in contrast to those who do not drink them. Reducing calories in drinks with preservation of flavoring qualities, manufacturers add sugar.

In the heat, it is better to drink hot coffee, what is done in India and Africa. Hot liquid helps increase sweating to cool the body.

The feeling of fatigue is perfectly removed by half an hour of physical activity, since oxygen is included in each activity. Training increases its consumption, stimulates metabolism, there is a feeling of a surge of strength and a good mood.

Information is better remembered when notes are made on paper, the process of its processing by consciousness is included, and this trains memory.

In order to improve relations, it is necessary to reduce joint pastime. Loneliness helps to analyze the situation, not giving influence to the decision-making impulse. The level of destructive stress and tension in the relationship decreases. The psychologist advises to meditate, go for a walk, sit in a bar or sort things in cabinets.

The use of antibacterial soap does not protect against infection and germs, as most people think, and there is no evidence that it exceeds the usual quality. The long-term use of triclosan increases the risk of counteracting antibiotics.

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