10 Ways to Fight Insomnia

10 Ways to Fight Insomnia

Sleep and wakefulness are integral parts of our health and well-being. The possibility of a night rest is laid down genetically, say scientists-biorhythmologists. But there are unfortunate people, deprived or not realizing for some reason this natural pleasure.

There are innumerable reasons for this. Almost any doctor will call lack of sleep the cause of health problems that are detected during the examination. However, ailments are more often a consequence than a cause of poor sleep. The real causes lie in the violation of the natural resistance of the body to various stresses caused by work, unbalanced nutrition, the rhythm of life and living conditions.

Yes, we are malleable and sensitive, and recovering completely after long periods of stress is not always possible. Individually balanced lifestyle is the basis from which you need to build on to solve the problem of insomnia.

By following the 10 points listed below, you will find the “golden mean” of your needs and will be pleasantly surprised, waking up every morning with a smile on your face.

1. Listen to yourself. Go to bed only if you want, if it’s not there, and it’s time to rest – take up a quiet business, pleasant and at the same time monotonous: listening to music, sounds of nature, reading your favorite book.

2. Try to turn off all electrical appliances at night in your room and across the wall. This applies not only to the iron and conditioner. Mobile phone, computer must enter the “black list” of your nightly environment.

3. Eat right. Observe the diet, give up alcohol, coffee, carbonated colored drinks, heavy fatty foods at night. The stomach also “wants” to sleep! Remember this.

4. Dine in advance, taking into account a three-hour rest before bedtime. This is also the reason for the necessary “ease” of your evening meals.

5. Physical activity and sport. They allow you to rest your brains, cheer up, accelerate the cleansing of the body from the accumulated slag for a day. But do not follow to load yourself before going to bed – do it in the afternoon, the optimal time is 5 hours before bedtime.

6. Strange as it may sound, but you should not freeze in bed. A good companion, a hot-water bottle or a warm blanket will solve this problem. Take care of your feet, wear warm socks for the night.

7. Apply aromatherapy. Common in the east, it helps relieve tension and get a harmless dose of pleasure. To relax, use the oils of medicinal plants: roses, lemon, lavender and nutmeg before going to bed.

8. At night in your room should be dark and calm. Prepare for this: slide the dark curtains, turn off the electric light, TV and radio.

9. Throw out of your life such an abomination as smoking! Like the effects of coffee, the stimulating effect of a smoked cigarette is limited in time, but more harmful to you and others.

10. Sex before bedtime. Remembering about the life companion, let’s remember how pleasant and useful sex is before going to bed. Discharge of this kind will sweep the smallest fraction of the probability of your insomnia. And the endorphins and serotonin released during the process will not leave you in a bad mood.

And how do you cope with insomnia?

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