10 tips for women for their beauty and health

10 tips for women for their beauty and health

Any woman wants to be beautiful, most importantly, in pursuit of beauty, do not lose health. In this article we have collected ten tips that will help women to be both beautiful and healthy.

1. Rest. A healthy, sound sleep of at least seven hours a day will ensure the normal functioning of both brain and physical activity. It should be noted that the body rests better in the moonlight. During the day, sleep is not so useful. Try to stay at the same time no later than 23:00 pm. The bed on which you sleep should be as comfortable as possible. Also for convenience, you can buy knitted sheets on an elastic band. The premise before a dream it is better to aerate, then from rest you will extract a maximum.

2. Wash cosmetics from the face immediately upon arrival of the lady. The skin must breathe. A layer of makeup violates the natural metabolism. If there is no such possibility, then at least clean it before going to bed. This is a pledge of fresh appearance in the morning. In the summer it is better to limit the use of make-up. It will be enough moisturizer.

3. We eat correctly. No, it’s not worth it to limit yourself from your favorite delicious food. It is enough to remove from the diet or to minimize the harmful to health products. Namely: fast food, margarine, chips, lemonades, smoked products, meat semi-finished products, canned food, coffee (meaning in large quantities), energy drinks and spirits. They can disrupt the body as a whole, which will affect the appearance. Plus, these products contribute to the accumulation of extra pounds.

4. Active way of life. Movement is not only life, but also a fresh look, tone, mood. Cheer up in the morning will help light gymnastics. This also contributes to the further functioning of the organism.

5. Down with a bad mood. Try, that you would be surrounded only by people pleasant to you. Before you leave the house, smile in your mirror. Do not be overwhelmed by constant thoughts about the accumulated problems. Or do not let them appear or decide to the extent possible and income. Remember: nothing is not solved, and your situation is a test for endurance. In the end you are a strong personality!

6. Pure hair is a rule that is fulfilled a priori. Never allow force majeure when you need to look tall, and hair is not so hot. Let them better these circumstances do not catch you in a rush. Keep your head clean.

7. Well-groomed nails are a business card of any woman. A beautiful manicure will add confidence and mood.

8. Pick up your wardrobe in advance. Firstly, it is necessary to avoid rushing at gatherings, and secondly, it will be time to come up with the details.

9. Use a perfume. Favorite aroma will make your day more cozy and light.

10. No bad habits. If any, try to bring them to naught. This affects your beauty and health.

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