10 Tips for Relieving Feeling in Critical Days

10 Tips for Relieving Feeling in Critical Days

80% of women say that every critical day is the most difficult for them. But, in fact, you can make it so that these special days will not be different from the others. If you want to know how, read below 10 tips that will help get rid of unpleasant symptoms in critical days.

1. The state of weakness and poor health in general – is the result of intoxication of the body, because of the accumulation of fluid. To prevent or eliminate fluid retention, it is recommended to use diuretics. It can be a decoction of wild rose or a renal diuretic collection. In summer you can eat a few slices of watermelon.

2. One of the most common problems for many women is too abundant discharge. In this case, first of all, a doctor’s consultation is necessary, but if there is no reason to worry, you can use the extract of water pepper (sold in each pharmacy).

3. If there are no gynecological problems, it is worth trying to perform simple exercises to alleviate pain symptoms. These are the slopes (in all directions), the rotation of the body, the birch, the legs with legs. 10-15 minutes of classes not only relieve you of pain, but also help you feel energetic.

4. Normalize the hormonal background can enrich your diet with products that contain iodine and selenium. This sea kale, fish, eggs, buckwheat and many others.

5. Leave often to fresh air. The oxygenated body functions correctly, and you will be able to avoid feeling weak and lacking in energy.

6. A very common problem of women in critical days – unstable mood, tearfulness, hypersensitivity, irritability. To cope with this, you can replace the usual drinking water with non-strong tea from soothing herbs. Half the spoon of mint and melissa is enough for 1 liter of water. You can add a little lemon juice for taste.

7. In critical days, the effectiveness of immunity decreases, so it is worthwhile to support it. Women can face exacerbations of chronic diseases, thrush, be attacked by viruses. Eat foods rich in antioxidants, as well as yogurts with live bacteria.

8. Often during this period, women suffer from drowsiness. It is better not to abuse caffeine, because it stimulates the nervous system, and this leads to increased irritability and emotional problems. Try tincture of ginseng – it will not only revitalize, but will also help to normalize the psychological state.

9. Poor health is also often caused by bleeding, and a decrease in hemoglobin. Therefore, it is worth enriching your diet with products that contain iron and vitamin C (promotes digestion).

10. Try to reduce salt intake, but it’s best to go to sea. It contains many minerals necessary for the body, in contrast to the cookery, in which only sodium.

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