10 tips for raising self-esteem

10 tips for raising self-esteem

Many women, especially in the summer, overcome the usual crisis: everything around is slender, with beautiful skin and an ideal figure. According to the research, every third woman is dissatisfied with her body. How to deal with this and raise self-confidence?

1. Ideal change

Claims to yourself are too high. We do not compare our abilities with the genius of Einstein! It’s better to compare yourself with women of your age, rather than with 16-year-olds! Look around: no one has model parameters.

2. If you look differently

This exercise is not easy, but important. Imagine yourself naked in front of a mirror and list your strengths: tender skin, narrow ankles, etc. Do not think “awful hips”, think better of “wonderful forms”!

3. Do not despond!

How to become slim? Very simple! Stretch in the vertical position! Imagine that you have a heavy load on your head, and you must pass without dropping it. Fact: even well-fed people with good posture are considered more attractive.

4. Learn from senior

Researchers have stressed repeatedly: women over 60 years, as a rule, put up with their figure. The great life experience that they have accumulated makes them more independent of others’ opinions. It’s right!

5. Know how to switch

You decided to have a shopping. Have you lost a good mood after the fitting room? Sit in a cafe, enjoy a cappuccino, set your face to the sun’s rays. Eat with pleasure, listen to beautiful music or pamper yourself with baths, massages, smells.

6. Statement of achievable goals

The more positive experience that you collect, the stronger you feel. Try your courage: go alone to the bar, climb the mountain, learn a foreign language. Set goals that you can achieve, and enjoy the ability to overcome. It’s worth it!

7. Body Requests

According to the research, women assess their body by the way it looks, men – how it functions. Test your body for opportunities – by bike riding or dancing at night. Also a good sport, conducive to peace and concentration in addition to muscle strength, as well as yoga and pilates.

8. Good company

A real friend will never tell you any muck about your figure. So, you need to meet as often as possible with people who love you and make you compliments.

9. Attitude to others

Be attentive to others, try to participate in conversations, show interest, be charming in society. The test of the University of Wisconsin showed: the friendlier you are to people, the more they like you.

10. Be unique

Find your style, support your own characteristics, talk about your hobby with passion – all this makes you special. And gives a strong defense against self-doubt.

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