10 tips for losing weight

10 tips for losing weight

You spend a lot of time to lose weight and achieve the desired result, but still are a few kilograms from your goal. Yes, this is a difficult task. But you can lose weight quickly if you determine how many kg you need to lose and will be concentrated on it. Also you will be helped by 10 effective tips for losing weight, which will help you to be in great shape again.

Very often, easy and simple changes help you see results immediately. Nevertheless, patience is an important part of the formula for successful weight loss. Kilograms can not be packed overnight, it will take some time, you need to create a healthy eating system and develop a habit of exercising.

1. Do the work of the “detective”

Spend some time to determine the most likely perpetrators of unwanted weight. Is it a large amount in your diet of fried or sugary foods? Can it be difficult for you to keep yourself in hand if food is at arm’s length? Or are you too busy and very tired to shop and cook healthy food? Or maybe emotions such as boredom, anxiety, nervousness, depression or joy-they send you straight to the refrigerator? For most people, a number of these factors lead to the emergence of

Extra pounds. Answering these questions will lead you to the first correct steps.

If strong emotions are forced to eat, determine an alternative that will help to cope with the situation without compromising the goal of losing weight. For example, you can just go to sleep or chat with friends, take your mind off reading a good book or watch a movie.

2. Move on

It is difficult to lose weight simply by reducing the number of calories. Studies show that the most effective way to get rid of excess pounds and to keep the result, is to reduce the calories consumed through diet and exercise. The ideal option will be regular training three to four times a week. (You can start with a simple walk 4 days a week). Try to be more active whenever possible. Start to climb the stairs instead of the elevator, leave your car away from the front door. Set the timer for each hour with an audible signal to regularly get up from your chair. Even standing, not sitting at the desk will be useful. Studies have shown that standing for eight hours a day will burn 163 calories more than if you were sitting.

3. Plan ahead

Everyone has weaknesses and there are situations when it is difficult to make a choice in favor of a healthy lifestyle. Make a list of those cases and places where your diet can be pushed into the background. There are no options to get healthy food at work? Bring it

with myself. After you return from work for 10 minutes, eat everything that is in the refrigerator? You can have a snack in the diner on the way to the house or prepare a dinner in advance, which you can quickly warm up. If you came home late at night,

When the children are already asleep, use this time away from the kitchen and help your body to relax. Read a book, take a shower or a hot bath. Do not know how to cook or do not have time for it? Buy a book with ready-made recipes or buy ready-made products

From the section healthy food.

4. Love fruits and vegetables

You can eat fruits and vegetables in large portions without regard to calories. Compared to other products, they are low-calorie, high in nutrients, contain fiber and water, which will help to lose weight without feeling hungry. For each

Fill the dish with fruit and vegetables. In the other half of the plate you can put lean meat, beans, porridge or low-fat dairy products – this will help to feel full longer.

5. Do not drink extra calories

Adhere to soft drinks, such as water or hot tea. 0.5 liters of lemonade can contain 240 calories and 65 grams of sugar. Even hot chocolate with skim milk has 360 calories. Add the whipped cream and you will get a whole cup of continuous calories. If you still like such drinks, choose a smaller cup size and milk with a low fat content, avoid whipped cream and syrups.

6. Do not do anything abruptly.

It is difficult to feel good in your body if there is an ardent desire to lose weight. Everyone wants to be slim right now. But emergency diets, which promise to quickly help with tight food restrictions, a sharp reduction in consumed

Calories or the use of only modified products, will not work. Even if you manage to lose weight quickly, most likely your old pounds will return and even more. If you want to maintain harmony all your life, you need to make changes that you can stick to for a long time.

7. Set a reasonable limit on calories consumed

Three meals a day every day makes your metabolism work correctly, i.e. Allows you to burn excess calories while avoiding an unpleasant feeling of hunger. Such a diet will eventually allow you to eat whatever you want. If you limit food intake less than three times a day, then you will break down as soon as something edible appears within reach.

Reasonable goal for calories in one meal:

Women: 300-500 calories

Men: 400-600 calories

Women and men: a light snack -100-200 calories.

8. Track

Studies show that people who track the amount of calories consumed get rid of excess weight faster than those who do not. There are good reasons for this. When you control calories, you see a source of empty calories with a low nutrient content. Another practice that can help in weight loss is to measure the portions of the consumed. Start to keep the food diary.

9. Do not make weight the only yardstick for success

Even if you bring yourself into the desired form, you may not see a big result standing on the scales. Keep in mind: muscles weigh more than fat and hormone levels, time of day and many other factors affect what figures on the scale you see. Do not measure the success of anything by one. Are your trousers freer? Do you hear more compliments in your address? Do you have more energy? And what about your blood pressure, cholesterol and other markers of chronic diseases, in which direction has this changed? You should study other methods of measuring success in achieving weight loss than just a bathroom scales.

10. Practice. Do not try to be perfect

Understand that it is normal from time to time to be tempted by some pleasures and not to think about a diet. Everyone breaks the rules. When you do something wrong do not try to drown yourself in a sense of guilt and anxiety. You can not control the past, all you can do is make a choice right now. Use a large number of different products to

Do not feel limited and lacking. In order for proper nutrition to become a habit, it takes time, effort and practice.

If you follow these 10 steps, you will stop thinking that losing weight is an impossible mission.

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