10 Things That Prevent You from Losing Weight

10 Things That Prevent You from Losing Weight

Losing weight is not easily given to every person. Some people for years can not realize their cherished dream, although they make considerable efforts. Let’s try to figure out what can interfere with effective weight loss in order to remove it from your life. Here is a list of 10 things that prevent fat burning and prevent you from regaining harmony.

1. Too tight clothes

Fashion for leggings, too tight jeans, tunics and jackets has a negative side. Although it’s beautiful, but at the same time it’s dangerous. Clinging clothes not only prevent you from losing weight unnecessary kilograms, but also can cause varicose veins. Why does tight clothing slow the fat burning process? It’s very simple – the clothes tighten the skin, disrupting the normal microcirculation of blood in the skin-fatty tissue. This leads to a slowdown in the processes of energy metabolism.

2. Too much salt

The use of salt is necessary for us for the normal functioning of our body, so a complete refusal of salt is as stupid as its excessive consumption. Salt slows the excretion of fluid from the body, and therefore there are toxins in it, which should have “gone” along with this liquid. The systematic use of a large amount of salt will inevitably lead to the fact that the processes of splitting of fat will slow down, since the organism will adjust to the rate of removal of the products of decomposition of adipose tissue.

3. Too cool in the house

The cold provokes an increase in the processes of burning the subcutaneous “spare” layer of fat. But at the same time because of it there is a strong appetite, because the body needs to compensate for the “emergency” stock of adipose tissue. As a result, he doubles the spent kilograms. Therefore, it is important to monitor the temperature of the room in which you spend a lot of time. Warmer to dress – this is not an option, because the air you still inhale the cold.

4. Frequent stressful situations and conflicts

It’s not a secret for anyone that certain emotions are responsible for every emotion in our body. But for the reaction of the body to a stressful stimulus and anger meet the hormones, which provoke an increase in metabolic processes and appetite. Intensification of metabolism is necessary in order to quickly remove from the body cortisol (also a hormone produced by the body under stress), since it has a negative effect on many organs, including the heart. After the body comes back to normal, he seeks to quickly restore the lost, and “postpones” the food you eat on the sides.

5. Problems with sleep

Few of modern people can boast of excellent quality and duration of sleep. Problems with sleep – this is the disease of our century, which gave rise to scientific and technological progress with the deterioration of the environment and the acceleration of the pace of life. We live with a constant desire to sleep one day, and this “one day” never comes. As a result of chronic lack of sleep, the body looks for loopholes that will help him restore the energy resource. The brain signals a lack of energy, as a result of trying to compensate for the lack of sleep with food. All people who stably not get enough sleep, are prone to overeating and recruiting excess weight.

6. Lack of oxygen

For most of the processes in our body oxygen is responsible, without it no biological process is possible. If the body does not receive the necessary amount of oxygen, then naturally all processes slow down. Also with the process of splitting adipose tissue – it slows down or stops altogether if the body lacks oxygen. Therefore, those who want to lose weight need more time to spend in the fresh air, and also provide adequate air exchange in the room in which they spend a lot of time.

7. Waiver of fat

The most common misconception about losing weight – if you want to get rid of fat, then stop using it. There is nothing farther from the truth. Fats are necessary for the body to form new cells. Without fats, you can not lose weight, because if they do not enter the body, it will automatically “block” the fatty subcutaneous stores to consume them for the needs of the body. Moreover, by rejecting fats, you provide yourself with cellulite and stretch marks on the skin, as well as premature aging due to loss of elasticity.

8. Heat and lack of moisture

Everyone knows that water is the engine of metabolic processes that occur through the burning of fats. In the heat of water you need at least twice as much, because a significant amount of it quickly leaves our body, evaporating from the surface of the skin. As a result, all the processes in the body are slowed down, a person feels tired, irritable, down to the loss of energy. Loss of fluid blocks the removal of fat decay products, so in the heat, and especially after physical activity, you need to drink a lot more than usual, and also give up diuretics and drinks.

9. Coffee

Another ailment that touched most modern adult people. You now probably very surprised, because caffeine is known as a powerful fat burner, but suddenly this statement. Yes, caffeine helps to fight fat, but there is something else. According to opinion polls, only 5% of people drink natural coffee without adding sugar, dry or whole milk, and do not eat this drink with cakes and sweets. All the rest drink coffee either as a dope, brightening up its taste with all kinds of additives, or as a treat, as well as a snack with cakes and other desserts. A habit of drinking 6-7 cups of coffee a day, just with sugar – it’s complex carbohydrates, which for a couple of months of such a life will add you up to 5 extra centimeters at the waist.

10. The car

Here it would be possible to dispense with comments, if not for recent studies of American scientists studying the problem of obesity. People who are used to walking, even small distances (to the store for bread) spend up to 450 calories a day only on walking. People who use a personal car for movement do not spend these 450 kcal, but on the contrary – they increase extra pounds. The reason for this nervous tension and the need for concentration behind the wheel of the car, because of this, increases the appetite.

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