10 Simple Tips for Losing Weight Without Stress

10 Simple Tips for Losing Weight Without Stress

Any sane fat man wants to lose weight, but in an age of high-calorie food, it’s not so easy to do. Food for us has turned into a typical drug addiction. Overeating we eat stress. Subconsciously we understand that this greatly shortens our life-span. What should I do to get rid of this dependence once and for all?

Here are 10 well-known, proven points of the rules, observing which, without violence on your own psyche and essential limitations in terms of the daily menu, you can get rid of excess weight.

1. Do not snack on the go and do not “eat up” between the main meals. Allocate time specially reserved for unhurried chewing food.

2. If you feel an acute attack of hunger between the main meals, then, for such cases, always keep a fruit or vegetable that you like: an apple, a pear, a carrot, a cucumber, etc.

3. Drink more. Drink before you eat something. Always carry a bottle of mineral water without gases. Carbon dioxide irritates the walls of the stomach and promotes the unmotivated appearance of a feeling of hunger.

4. Do not starve and do not think that you are losing weight. The brain will perceive these signals as a danger of starving to death and include constant appeals to eat.

5. Walk more often and longer. No sport. Only walking. Through the streets, parks, stairs. Try to walk every day at a distance of 5 kilometers. Not at once but throughout the day.

6. Weigh yourself every morning and record the result. When the progress of weight loss is visible on the scoreboard, you are guaranteed a charge of vivacity, strength of mind and the desire to continue.

7. Stop eating yourself before going to bed. You can have a snack in the evening. But why do you need a lot of calories at night? Replace “raznosoly” with your favorite fruit, vegetable, lean yogurt, or other sour-milk product.

8. Sleep enough hours. Chronic lack of sleep fatal affects the psyche. The brain, being under stress, constantly requires food intake. He deceives and deceives you only because you are not getting enough sleep.

9. Once a month, take your photos in full growth. The psychological aspect of losing weight plays a much greater role than physical activity. Seeing the progress in your own photos, you will forget the doubts and uncertainty about your own strength to lose weight.

10. If you still want to look in the refrigerator in the evenings, then use your photos from item 9 and fix them on the refrigerator door. Very motivating …

First of all, believe in yourself. To your strength. The fact that you are not a weak-willed victim of the food production industry, but a person. A person who wants to live and enjoy life.

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