10 secrets of saving the figure after losing weight

10 secrets of saving the figure after losing weight

The problem of excess weight is becoming more common every year. Many people for years can not cope with excess weight, despite the fact that today there are a huge number of methods, schools, and means for losing weight. The problem is that most of them are designed to get a quick result, and because of this, the weight also returns quickly, and doubling. What to do to keep a beautiful figure after losing weight and not take pounds? Let’s look at 10 tips that will help in this matter.

1. In order not to get fat after losing extra pounds, you need to increase the amount of energy consumption by the body. For this purpose it is necessary to increase the volume of muscle mass. This does not mean that it is now necessary to turn into pitching (in the case of women, this prospect frightens). Just start training your muscles – this will increase the number of calories consumed daily by the body. Enough 3 strength training per week.

2. Get a habit of eating only healthy and healthy food. It is very good to buy vases for fruit, fill it and keep it on your desktop, and at home. When you are hungry you will take what is at your fingertips, and this will be useful and low-calorie fruit.

3. Your slenderness depends on how many calories you consume daily, and how much you consume. It is very important that the consumption does not exceed the consumption. Therefore, if you do not want to deny yourself food, just start moving more. Download the “Pedometer” application for yourself, and monitor the number of calories burned and kilometers traveled.

4. Learn to control your stress. The fact that our body in a stressful situation speeds up the rate of metabolic processes several times, and this can lead to a strong sense of hunger. Therefore, it is very important to keep control over the stressful reactions of our body, not letting them prevail over our minds.

5. Normalize your sleep regimen – without this you will not be able to save the results of losing weight. Lack of sleep seriously disrupts the work of our body, which negatively affects our figure. First, it is worth taking care that our sleep regimen is satisfactory. It is better to go to bed earlier, around 21-22 hours, when the body has the maximum concentration of melatonin. Secondly, it is worth taking care of the good quality of sleep. It is necessary to eliminate extraneous noise, create a favorable temperature and humidity, and also – to purchase a comfortable bed and other sleeping accessories. Healthy sleep will help to keep the weight in the norm.

6. Take care to work out after losing weight another very useful habit – to perform morning exercises. In fact, there is nothing difficult in devoting 10-15 minutes of intensive warm-up every morning. Such exercises will “start up” the metabolic processes, accelerating them. In addition, you get a few more benefits. Morning exercise will fill you with energy to accomplishments, will give cheerfulness and heighten the mood, and will also have a beneficial effect on your health.

7. Eat plenty of fiber. These are cereals, vegetables, fruits. Thanks to this you will be able not only to keep your figure in order, but also to protect the digestive tract from many diseases. The fact is that foods that are rich in fiber are easier to digest and digest by the body, so we will also have a feeling of lightness in the stomach and always – a lot of energy.

8. Another important advice – often eat foods that can keep our acid-base balance in the normal state. In the process of vital activity, and under the influence of various negative factors, our body accumulates more acids, which need to be balanced by alkalis. And you can alkalize the body with the help of raw vegetables and fruits, especially citrus fruits and berries, green tea, fresh milk, mineral waters with an alkaline composition.

9. You can also maintain a high level of metabolism by eating foods that contribute to this. 1-2 times a week it is useful to drink a glass of red wine, a glass of beer or live kvass. Tea with ginger, red pepper, turmeric is also useful. These products will not only help burn calories, but will also strengthen your immunity.

10. Remember that motivation plays a big role in the matter of losing weight and keeping the figure in a normal state. So take care to support it at a decent level!

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