10 rules for weight loss, which really work

Many women dream of losing weight, bring their figure and health back to normal. In the fight against excess weight, which is not tried, and not all tips and methods help, and some even harm. In this article, you will find ten tips for those who want to lose weight, and if you follow these rules, you can easily lose weight quickly enough.

Rule number 1. Do not eat sweet drinks

Refusal of sweet drinks will allow you to control your weight and not plump up, as sweet drinks contain sugars and increase calories that you do not need.

And it is also advisable not to add sugar to tea or coffee. Try to eat less sugar and sugar-containing foods and drinks. Refuse the sweet fizzy drinks.

Replace them with useful ones:

– Freshly squeezed juices;

– water;

– green tea;

– mineral water.

Rule number 2. Drink as much as usual water

Our body is more of water. To maintain a normal level of water in the body is best suited ordinary, simple water without any calories. Therefore, it is best to maintain the body only with simple water, drinking at least 2 liters daily.

Rule number 3. In the morning, there is oat porridge on the water

People suffering from gastritis or peptic ulcer, especially need to eat breakfast for such a mess, as this product not only satisfies the hunger well, but it is also useful for the stomach with its enveloping effect.

Healthy also does not hurt to eat in the morning porridge on the water, so as not to feel hunger all day, as well as not overeat during the day. To taste in the mess, you can add fruit (dried fruit) or spices as desired.

Rule number 4. Get enough sleep

In a dream, your body grows thin, but only at a certain time. From 23.00 to 01.00 your body starts to work, and you rest, so you need to go to bed as early as possible to fall asleep by this time. A person who has not slept is irritable and can break down and consume harmful high-calorie foods, which is not desirable. As a result, damage the health and fullness.

Rule number 5. Do not eat processed foods – they are harmful

Such products contain preservatives and many harmful substances. There is nothing useful in them. They are not natural, they are artificial.

The rule says: if the product contains few natural components, it does not look natural, it says that it is long to be stored, but in fact it is not, then you should not use such products.

Rule number 6. Observe the diet

Breaking the diet, the body thinks that the famine is coming and then the process of fat deposition begins for the future. And from this fat is much harder to get rid of. Therefore, you need to eat on the clock in small portions.

Rule number 7. Always move

Be always on the move:

– during communication on a mobile phone;

– during a break between series of the series;

– during a break at work on the computer, once every hour or two hours you must walk through the room where you work or do a little gymnastics;

– do stretching while watching television;

– at any convenient opportunity, as much as possible to move;

– do not use transport where you can walk.

Movement is life. The more you move, the more calories burned.

Rule number 8. Every morning do not forget about charging

During the research it was proved that physical activity in the morning burns more calories than classes at other times of the day. Training in the morning will not only form your body, but will also be energized for the whole day and in a good mood. A rush of strength during the day and a good night’s sleep.

Rule number 9. Snacking with nuts

In between meals, gnaw nutlets, they will allow you to lose weight and relieve you of bouts of hunger. Always remember that nuts should not be salty and low-calorie, such as cashews, pistachios and almonds and eat them in a day no more than fit in one palm.

Rule number 10. Eat on the diet of Elena Malysheva

The real way to lose weight is a diet about Elena Malysheva. Really ready and balanced nutrition for the time of weight loss and delivery to any place and time for you. You only need to eat this food and lose weight.

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